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~ November 2018 ~

Our 65th Annual Church FAIR
Saturday, November 3rd  
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM  





9:00 AM -1:00 PM

Daylight-Saving Time Ends
Sunday, November 4th

Pastoral Search Committee 
 Seeks Input
In the past three weeks, the Pastoral Search Committee of the Federated Church of Ashland has presented to the congregation three pastoral candidates. The Search Committee is now seeking input on each of those three candidates from the general membership of the church.
Courtesy of the Pastoral Search Committee, three very different pastors lead services at the Federated Church of Ashland in October. First, on October 7, Reverend Farley preached on understanding the obstacles God puts before us. Then, on October 14, Reverend Mulligan preached on the application of scripture to some of our pressing social issues. Finally, on October 21, Reverend Yeaton preached on the church's changing role in the community.
Those who were unable to attend any of those services are invited to watch the video recordings of those services through the WACA website or the "WACA-TV Ashland" channel on Youtube.

The October 7 service is available at
The October 14 service is available at
The October 21 service was not yet available online at the time of this submission.
All three of the candidates from October are ordained by the Baptist branch. However, the Search Committee recently met with Reverend Gallagher of the UCC branch in an effort to interview more UCC candidates. Since the Pastoral Search Committee passed on the first candidate presented by the Methodist branch, that branch is not likely to send any other candidates for interviews.
The UCC branch instructed the Pastoral Search Committee to update its church profile and resubmit it. The church profile is an extensive and detailed packet explaining the administration, demographic, finances and history of the church. It will take a few weeks for the update to be completed, approved and resubmitted.
The Pastoral Search Committee will continue to identify and interview candidates. However, strong support by the congregation for any of the October candidates could result in a formal endorsement for the supported candidate. Therefore, it is important that you contact a member of the Search Committee to share your thoughts on the various candidates and the needs of the church.
The members of the Pastoral Search Committee are Ruth Hanning, 
Busi Maswoswe, Pete Russo, Brett Walker and Porter Woodward. 

Please contact any of these five members and tell them which pastoral candidate you think is best able to grow the Federated Church of Ashland.
Brett Walker
Election Day - Tuesday, November 6th
  From the Deacons Bench 
We would like to send a big thank you to all those who participated in our service on September 30th. If you remember, we had many people come forward to tell why they first came to the Federated Church and more importantly, why they have stayed. We received many compliments on that service and we loved to hear the reasons for your continued support. For the most part what we heard was that people are staying here because of the community service that we are able to provide to people in need. As far as we are concerned we are blessed to be among this devoted group of parishioners.
The Search Committee has sent us 3 candidates from the Baptist branch. Rev. Farley preached on October 7th, Rev. Mulligan on the 14th and Rev. Yeaton delivered her message on the 21st. The Search Committee is looking for input from the congregation regarding your thoughts on these candidates. Please feel free to give your opinion to Ruth, Brett, Busi, Porter or Pete.
We are now looking forward to the holiday season and beginning to make plans for Advent and Christmas. More to come in next months Chimes. If you have any thoughts regarding holiday services plea se let us know. We welcome input from the congregation.
Once again we will be "adopting" a number of children from the town and providing Christmas gifts. For us it is one of the most gratifying projects that we are able to continue. In the coming weeks, we will be putting out the lists of gift needs, so be on the lookout.
As always, we leave with great hope for the future of our church.
Melanie Connor and Pam Dunham, 
Co-chairs of the Deacons

The Council meeting of October 11 saw the following discussed/voted and approved:  FCOA continues to accrue money saved by not having to pay a Pastor's salary.

Properties was authorized to contract for repair of the parking lot at a price not to exceed $5,000. Council complemented Properties for the new floor in Fellowship Hall.  Older and disused objects in Fellowship Hall will be thrown out.

Council voted to approve granting the lockable meeting room to be used as an office to New Time Church (NTC) for $5,000; NTC has decided not to accept the offer at this time.

The  Search Committee reported their progress toward finding a Pastor.

John Ellsworth presented an updated Financial Analysis in advance of making an offer to a new Pastor so that the current FCOA financial condition is clear to all.

John Ellsworth is voted Chairman. Pete Russo is Vice Chair. Tina Kingsbury is Council Rep to Deacons.

Thank you to EVERYONE who volunteered to unload the truck and/or sell pumpkins.   We couldn't do it without you -  Your help is greatly appreciated!  

Veteran's Day
Sunday, November 11
Brown Bag Sunday  
November 18th  
With Thanksgiving fast approaching, would you please consider picking up a few extra non-perishable food items while you are doing your grocery shopping?
As you know, there are many families in Ashland that rely on our donations.
You may bring them to the Church on Sunday morning OR drop them off at the Church during the week.  All items are delivered to the Ashland Food Pantry.
 Thank you for your continued support!   

Thrift Shop

The Thrift Shop is OPEN ...
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM 
Saturday 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM  
  We will also be open on FAIR day, 
Saturday, Nov. 3rd - 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
           Thank you for your support!


Our Member's Birthdays
11/15          Arlene Ripley
11/23          Pam Dunham

12/13     Dave Hansen
12/14     Brett Walker
12/30    David Bethel
12/31     Laura Conner
Keep your spirits alive. 
Spend time with Family and Friends.  
Wishing you ALL a Happy Thanksgiving! 
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