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~ October 2018 ~
"Homecoming Sunday
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Homecoming brunch.  The food was delicious and it was great to share in a time of fellowship with all of you.   

Pastoral Search Committee 
The Search Committee continues to review pastoral candidate profiles and interview candidates for the Pastor position.  Over the last month we interviewed two American Baptist candidates and have invited both to preach at the Federated Church of Ashland over the coming weeks.  Rev. Dr. Remona Farley will be preaching on October 7th, and Rev. Jay Mulligan will be preaching on October 14th.  We ask you to join us at our worship services on those days so that you may provide us with feedback about your experience listening to the pastoral candidates preach.  We also hope that you will feel free to speak with the candidates after both services to get to know them a bit.
We are awaiting two additional pastoral candidates' responses to our request for interviews.  The Search Committee is also meeting with Rev. Kelly Gallagher, from the UCC conference, in the near future to further discuss UCC candidates. 
The Search Committee continues to welcome members' thoughts about the search process and pastoral candidates.  We thank you for your investment in this process.
Ruth Hanning
  From the Deacons Bench 

We can't believe that another month has passed and Fall has begun! As "they" say, "time flies when we are having a good time"!
And we are happy to say that we have been having a good time at church. On September 16th we had our Homecoming service, Sunday school started and it was all followed by a lovely brunch. On the 23rd we celebrated the Baptism of Adalyn Nguyen. Adalyn is the daughter of Dan and Julie Nguyen and sister to Jack. Rev. Keene performed the Baptism and then asked all of the children to come to the altar where she did a blessing of the backpacks. She followed this with a children's time which was a joy to behold. A reception in honor of the Baptism followed in the parlor. A wonderful time of fellowship for all.
As we mentioned in the last report, we have candidates that will be preaching on October 7th and the 14th. We will be sending more information on these candidates before they preach. Please make every effort to attend these services as we need input from the congregation regarding their suitability for our church.
Reminder that the pumpkins are scheduled to arrive on October 13th. Many hands will make light work of the unloading of the truck. And keep in mind our Fair which is happening on November 3rd. Get those crafts and baked goods ready.
We close as always with great hope for the future of our church,
Melanie Connor and Pam Dunham, 
Co-chairs of the Deacons

The Federated Church of Ashland (FCOA) Council met on September 19th. Discussion about projected FCOA finances for 2019 turned on the issue that the present lease for Cedar Street Kids Club (CSKC) will terminate in the Fall of 2019. CSKC has not notified Council that they will depart. However, with the lease term expiring and in advance of a possible departure, it is felt best that the Church prepare for any eventuality. Joint meetings will be held with various Church Committees to discuss ways to recover any possible income lost should CSKC depart.

The Properties Committee presented the nearly completed state of the repair and painting of the steeple, the columns at the front of the building and the exterior doors. As part of the effort, the church was power washed, which disturbed some persons attending the Yom Kippur Sha'arei Shalom services, and parents and staff at CSKC.

Council approved an expenditure not to exceed $4050 to repair the potholes in the parking lot. Council will solicit donations from Parishioners to defray the cost of filling the potholes. Council also voted to approve replacement of two deteriorated and leaking windows in the basement near CSKC's space at a cost not to exceed $1600.

Because of excessive estimated repair costs ($30,000), the Council voted to decommission the stair chair lift, which is presently inoperative.

Ruth Hanning reported on the success of the booth at Ashland Day. Ruth and Pete Russo reported on Search's progress toward finding a new pastor.

John Ellsworth reported that Liz Shuter's will included a $10,000 bequest to the FCOA. The money is to go toward Music Committee needs. The money has not yet been received from her estate.

Submitted by Church Council
Church Parking Lot

Just a "Friendly" reminder .....
Please DO NOT   PARK in the Fire Lane behind the Church OR in the last parking spot leading to the fire lane.
 Thank you!

The PUMPKINS are scheduled to arrive ... on October 13th @ 9 AM 
Please mark your calendars  NOW and plan to help us unload the truck.  We will send out an email to everyone  IF the delivery schedule changes. 

We will unload them from the truck and scatter them all over the front lawn of the Church. This creates photo opportunities for people passing by the Church, as well as an opportunity to purchase them. A portion of the proceeds support the Churches outreach programs.
Brown Bag Sunday  
October 21st 
On the third Sunday of every month, we collect and bless the donations placed inside the bins in the Narthex 
of the Church.

Would you please consider picking up a few extra non-perishable grocery items and/or toiletries while you are shopping?  You may bring them to the Church on Sunday morning OR drop them off at the Church during the week.  All items are delivered to the Ashland Food Pantry.
 Thank you for your continued support!   
Our 65th Annual Church FAIR
Saturday, November 3rd  
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM  

Labor Day has come and gone and we are getting back into school, committees, yard clean up and all of those things that come with Fall and then the Holidays and indigestion. Is your new bottle of TUMS in the cabinet?
But, two very important occasions for our Church are also just around the corner. First is the FAIR, a fun place where we eat Turkey Divan with our Friends, find fun items to buy as Christmas gifts, maybe find something new in the Thrift Shop, or maybe even get a new winter hat or scarf. I always check out the jewelry. Whatever floats your gondola? Check out your jewelry and see if you can part with those pieces you don't wear much anymore. Someone will love it.
One of the best things you'll do is meet up with old friends, those whom you've not seen since the last Fair. It is a joy! The other day I saw a couple I usually meet at the FAIR. I told them the new date, November 3rd, 9-2, and suggested they come again for her 
birthday and we'd let her ring the bell which has been the norm. Yup!! The Fair is a great occasion to meet, greet and eat.
The Raffle is great fun with adults making an awful lot of noise. It is a great laugh, actually wonderful entertainment. Just come and watch the drawing. There will be some hot items. A heavy jar of coins, a couple of small kitchen appliances, perhaps a basket of baby items, a kitchen basket, desk supplies, maybe some wine in a basket or games for the kids or a painting or two. You never know ... (There could also be some gift cards and gift certificates!) Also, please think of what you could donate to the Raffle.
But to accomplish great things, we need all of our volunteers ... that includes everyone who can walk and talk. We need your creative juices, your laughter and joy or even just your help on the day of the Fair. We need signs put up around town, at the Senior Center and in a few shops and restaurants.
The Second big event is Saturday, December 15th, from 9-1. We call it "Everything Christmas" where our Church bakers, crafters, and artists create a Christmas Sale event full of gifts, decorations and those Holiday goodies we only see at Christmas. If you are looking for that last special cookie, decoration 
or gifts for your friends or family ... COME! Thank you, all Elves.
We need your help!  So join in and bake, craft, donate a few dollars, check out your jewelry box for things you don't mind parting with, shop and eat lunch. Or be there to help and enjoy precious friendships and a little crazy. IT'S FUN!!!!!

THE FAIR ... SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd - 9:00-2:00
Sunday after Church for those who never get a chance to shop on Fair Day!




    Family Promise Metrowest
We have completed our three Family Promise host weeks for 2018. Thank you to everyone who helped to make these weeks such a success.
Here is some information from the latest Family Promise coordinators meeting including some upcoming fall events.
Family Promise Week  - October 21-28    
Congregations are the reason Family Promise came into being and the foundation of its ongoing success.
This year they want to invite members to come to their Day Center for a tour and special program highlighting all the new initiations including the LIFE homelessness prevention program and their new transitional living apartment.  This could be very interesting to anyone who wants to know more about all that Family Promise does to help with homelessness.
Three opportunities are planned:

Sunday, October 21                
12:30-1PM tour           1-2 PM program          2-2:30 tour
Thursday, October 25            
6-6:30 PM tour            6:30-7:30 program     7:30-8 tour
Sunday, October 28                
12:30-1 PM tour          1-2 PM program         2-2:30 tour
Tenth Anniversary Celebration at Keep the Promise Food Tasting and Auction, Saturday, November 3rd from 7-10 PM.
This will be a time of celebration, reflection, recognition, and fundraising for their continued success.   Many new restaurants and activities are planned.  Tickets are on sale now at  
Early bird tickets are on sale until October 3rd. 
Cervis - This is the online signup for volunteering. They are asking all volunteers to use this when volunteering during a host week.  You can go to the Family Promise website to find the link to Cervis. If you have any problems using it, you can contact Amy at the Day Center and she will help you through it. If there is a group that would like a training session on Cervis we can set up an appointment for training.  
New Life Home Refurnishings is a nonprofit founded by members of UCC, Medfield, one of the network congregations.   They maintain a warehouse in Walpole filled with donated furniture, gently used mattresses, and household furnishings where families such as those Family Promise serves 
can go and shop for free when given a referral.   This might be an option if you are looking to donate apartment size furniture and household items that our Federated Church Thrift Shop does not have room for.   They are open for drop-offs on Saturday mornings from 
9-11:30 AM but will also make pickups. 
                     (www.     774-316-6395

Linda Russo
  Thrift Shop   

The Thrift Shop is OPEN ...
Wednesdays from 10 AM - 7 PM and  Saturdays  9  AM - 1:30 PM.  
Halloween is coming .... Be creative - stop in and pick out your costume.  We also have Halloween and Fall decorations. 
  We will be open on FAIR day, 
Saturday, Nov. 3rd 9 AM - 2 PM.
 Thank you for your support!


Our Member's Birthdays
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10/2       Luca Mateo
10/4       Cynthia Winterhalter
10/7       Aarda Aarden

11/15          Arlene Ripley
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