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~ September 2019 ~
Mid-October isn't that far off and it's time to begin to give some thought to this upcoming (and continuing) fundraiser for our church. The Federated Church has held this event for several years and has proven successful in helping our missions' activities and enhancing the visibility of this church in the Ashland community.
Three preferred delivery dates have been submitted to the fundraiser organization; (#1) Oct.12, (#2) Oct. 13, and (#3) Oct. 6. The organization is currently working on the delivery date for us, and will send me an email once the date is finalized. That delivery date and other specifics will be broadcast to the congregation via email, once I receive it. I will also be making announcements at the end of our worship services.
1500 pumpkins have again been requested to support this year's sale effort.
I hope you will look forward to participating in this mission project. More details will be forth-coming in the service bulletins and announce-ments. Any questions may be directed to me.
Bill Wallace
Project Coordinator
C: 508-333-1763
From the Deacons Bench
On July 14th, we began a new era here at the Federated Church. Reverend Katie Keene started her first six months as our designated term minister. She will be working 20 hours a week and has begun having office hours on Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings.  She has also been visiting our less mobile members on Sunday afternoons, when time allows. If anyone knows of a member who would like a visit please let Linda in the church office know.
Most of you know that our friend, Guy Williams, has moved to Golden Pond in Hopkinton. On one Sunday after church, thanks to Porter and Sylvian, we made a virtual circle with our hand prints. Porter had it framed and Rev. Katie brought it to him to hang on his wall. We wanted him to feel a part of our closing circle, even though he is not able to be here.
We have just learned that our sister, Dotty Clowes, has moved to Christopher Heights in Marlboro. We hope that she will be happy in her new place.
And lastly, we have just said goodbye to our dear friend, Pete Russo. Pete was a faithful and hard working member and will be missed by all of us. Our deepest sympathies to Linda and Jimmy and all of Pete's family.
The excessive heat this summer found us having services in the parlor with the air conditioner running. These services seemed to be well accepted, a little more informal and relaxed. As we enter into our fall season we anticipate a return to the sanctuary as our numbers return to normal.
We have been notified that there will be a double baptism on September 15th, an event we are very much looking forward to. Come join us on that special day.
There is much to look forward to as we welcome Rev. Keene, officially. Her love of our church and her enthusiasm for the future are a welcome breath of fresh air. Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 and feel the renewed energy of our church.
As always we sign off with great hope for the future,
Pam Dunham and Melanie Conner, Co-chair of the Deacons                 

Thrift Shop
The Thrift Shop is OPEN...
Wednesdays 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturdays 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
We have new items arriving every week.

Please stop by ...  you never know what you may find!

Thank you for your support! 
~ Original Watercolor Paintings by Sue Scotland ~
These paintings may be viewed after Church on Sundays until Noon or during church office hours, Monday-Friday between 9-Noon. The paintings will remain in the Parlor for accessibility.
Paintings may be purchased by making a donation to the Federated Church of Ashland, adding Sue Scotland Memorial Fund in the memo line, if paying by check. Payments for purchased paintings will be accepted by Linda Iarussi, Office Manager.
Thank you, Bill Wallace

     Brown Bag Sunday
September 15th   
On the third Sunday of every month, we collect and bless the donations placed inside the bins in the Narthex of the Church.  
Please consider picking up a few extra non-perishable food items while you are doing your grocery shopping.
You may bring them to the Church on Sunday morning or  drop them off at the Church during the week.  All items are delivered to the Ashland Food Pantry.
 Thank you for your continued generosity!   
Autumn Begins - Monday, September 23rd     
The "FAIR"
We hope you had a wonderful summer and were able to start or continue new projects for our "FAIR".
OH! AND please save the date ...
Saturday, November 2nd  

Our Member's Birthdays
9/8      Jimmy Russo
9/10    Alan Mancini
9/11     Bill Tougas
9/14     Alice Bixby
9/15     Sydney Howard
9/15     Raman Krishnan
9/18     Emily Wenzell
9/18     Sue Wallace
9/20     Bill Wallace
9/22     Linda Russo
9/26     Vickie Mancini 
9/28     Kim Conner
10/2     Ruth Norton
10/2     Luca Mateo
10/4     Cynthia Winterhalter

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"September days are here, with summer's best of weather and autumn's best of cheer."
                                                                                                                            ~ H.H. Jackson
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