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In this issue, we introduce a new database on the Chinese Communist Party elite assembled by Professor Victor Shih and his team of researchers. We created an interactive portal to allow you to visualize key characteristics of China’s ruling elite under Xi Jinping since 2012.
Issue 6: Dec. 7, 2020
Who Are the Communist Party Elites?
Who are the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) elites who get to select the party’s powerful central committee, the Politburo and the Party General Secretary?

Do these officials all come from elite schools? Is the CCP leadership facing an aging and pipeline problem?

These and other questions will be answered in this fascinating interactive database of China’s ruling elite. The key characteristics visualized here include the elite’s age, party rank, education, gender and birth province. Read this blog post for a quick tutorial on the interactive portal.
About the CCP Elite Database: Professor Victor Shih and his team of researchers have spent years gathering and analyzing the most comprehensive biographical database of CCP officials. This portal includes a subset of the database, with more than 1700 active Communist Party officials who are delegates to the party’s 18th and 19th Central Committees (2012-2022).
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