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Issue 17: Feb. 16, 2022
China Forum Takeaways

We’ve put together 14 quick analytic takeaways from our latest China Forum gathering in December 2021 to keep you up to date on how the experts are thinking about Chinese political and economic developments, along with analysis of Biden’s China policy.
China's 20th Party Congress
Victor Shih recently spoke before the U.S. Congress to provide expert testimony about China's coming 20th Party Congress and economic decision-making processes. Read the testimony, which details Xi’s priorities and activities since 2013.
Humanizing The Other
Ph.D. candidate Sichen Li and Professor Weiyi Shi bring us a blog post on their latest survey research, in which they investigate how citizens of China and the U.S. feel about one another’s countries. Li and Shi find that people have significantly higher views of the other nation when they simulate the experience of being face-to-face with a citizen of that country.
China’s Political Landscape
Susan Shirk’s recent appearance on Bloomberg sheds light on everything from China’s zero-COVID policy to the Winter Olympics to the 20th Party Congress and Xi’s third term.
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