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Issue 19: March 29, 2022
China Enters the Center Stage of Global Affairs

Check out Victor Shih’s recent opinion piece for The Wire China, where he discusses the foreign policy dilemmas faced by China as it grapples with its position vis-a-vis the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.
Who in the U.S. Congress Tweets About China?
In the first post of a four-part series, China Data Lab researchers discuss how U.S. politicians use social media when discussing foreign affairs. China dominates discussions of foreign policy, but Democrats and Republicans do not discuss it evenly.
Evidentialism and the Denial of Domestic Violence by Chinese Courts
Want to understand why justice is so elusive for abused women like the “Chained Woman” in Xuzhou? Check out Kwai Ng’s new research on domestic violence and courts in China.
The DOJ’s China Initiative: Where it went wrong, and why
Our China 21 podcast returns with Susan Shirk speaking to Carol Lam, former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California, about the questionable turn taken by the non-defunct China initiative and what the future of such prosecutions may hold.
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