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Issue 13: Oct. 21, 2021
The Party Politics Driving Xi Jinping

In their new opinion piece, Professor Barry Naughton and Jude Blanchette discuss the new Common Prosperity slogan and its relationship with pressures Xi faces from within the Communist Party.
Victor Shih on the Evergrande Crisis
Listen to Professor Victor Shih on the MERICS Experts podcast, where he provided analysis and an explanation of the financial issues brought on by Evergrande’s looming debt problems. The podcast contains useful insight on Evergrande, real estate in China and the broader financial situation.
Can China Meet its Ambitious Emissions Targets?
UC San Diego Professor Michael Davidson went on SupChina’s Sinica Podcast to unpack recent announcements out of Beijing, including Xi Jinping’s decision to cease all funding for coal-fired power plants outside of China, and explain the linkage between China’s push for non-fossil energy and the recent power shortages that have affected 20 provinces. He also explains China’s new emissions trading scheme, or ETS, and discusses what China still needs to do to meet the ambitious targets set by Xi last year: reaching peak carbon emissions by 2030, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.
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