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Issue 15: Dec. 15, 2021
China’s Power Outage

Our very own Michael Davidson’s piece in Foreign Affairs delves into China’s recent power woes, and draws on his research and expertise to explain how China’s incomplete power sector reform has led to the current unhappy state of affairs.
Dispersion: How Artists in China Adapt to Censorship
UC San Diego Sociology Ph.D. candidate Ke Nie’s blog post for the China Data Lab offers a fascinating introduction to his data-driven research on how Chinese hip hop artists respond and adapt to tightening censorship.
Can Cold War History Prevent U.S.-Chinese Calamity?
Drawing on the proceedings of the “Lessons from the Cold War” conference the 21st Century China Center organized last May, Arne Westad and Li Chen provide useful insights into how our Cold War history can inform present policy vis-a-vis China.
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