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Issue 20: April 19, 2022
Part II: What Does Congress Tweet about China?

In the second post of a four-part series, China Data Lab researchers discuss their findings on what topics U.S. members of Congress focus on, such as human rights, security and trade, when discussing China and what sources of media they cite when they tweet.
The Impact of U.S.-China Tensions on U.S. Science
A center team of researchers, led by Ruixue Jia and Molly Roberts, has released its findings regarding the impact of rising U.S.-China tensions on American scientific output. In it, they describe which scientists and what fields have been most negatively affected by a decrease in scientific collaboration between the two countries.
China’s Evolving Relationship with Russia
Tai Ming Cheung speaks with postdoctoral fellow James Lee about how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may impact China’s military strategy, part of IGCC’s latest Talking Policy podcast series.
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