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Issue 14: Nov. 9, 2021
The Long Term Consequences of China’s Cash-Strapped Cities

Professor Victor Shih details the unexpected consequences of China’s push to reduce reliance on real estate debt-financed growth. While the ramifications in terms of risk for the broader economy have been broadly discussed, Shih’s piece examines the potential negative secondary effects on local policy innovation induced by this decision.
Lizhi Liu on Didi and China’s Data Regulation
GPS graduate student Xu Peng interviews Georgetown political scientist Lizhi Liu, where she helps shed light on one aspect of the recent regulatory crackdown that has swept up segments of China’s tech sector. In particular, she helps elucidate the role of data politics in recent events and place them in a broader comparative context.
Photo by Jack Brind on Unsplash
James Lee, postdoctoral research associate at the UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC), provides a two-for-one, giving us a podcast on whether the U.S. would go to war over Taiwan and a policy brief providing an explanation of the what the U.S. means when it reiterates its One China Policy.
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