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Issue 16: Jan. 20, 2022
What’s Behind China’s Regulatory Storm

Professor Barry Naughton recently wrote an opinion column for The Wall Street Journal that delves into China’s recent rash of increasing regulation, analyzing it in the context of China’s post-Mao era and providing insight on what these regulations mean going forward.
Seeing Inequality In China And America
UC San Diego Political Science Ph.D. candidate Jiannan Zhao analyzes our recent surveys to help us understand how Chinese citizens view inequality in their own country and abroad, with insights into how this influences the political calculus of ruling elites in China.
Three Questions for China’s Neighbors
How should China’s neighbors view Beijing’s role in regional security? The Task Force on U.S.-China Policy, co-chaired by Center Chair Susan Shirk and Asia Society’s Orville Schell, brought together experts from several Asian countries to provide their views on questions critical to regional security.
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