How has the pandemic shaped public opinion? How did the government control information and mobilized the citizenry? COVID-19 is a lens to study China's politics and information ecosystem. Read the latest papers by 21CCC researchers in the SSRN research paper series.

  • Online Criticism and Support for the Chinese Government in the Early Days of COVID-19 by Yingdan Lu, Jennifer Pan and Yiqing Xu

  • Government-led or Public-led? Chinese Policy Agenda Setting during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Yixin Dai, Yuejiang Li, Chao-Yo Cheng, Hong Zhao and Tianguang Meng

  • Crisis is a Gateway to Censored Information: The Case of Coronavirus in China by Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld, William R. Hobbs, Keng-Chi Chang and Margaret Roberts

  • China’s Leninist Response to COVID-19: From Information Suppression to Total Mobilization by Victor Shih

  • Foreign Policy Revisionism in the Era of COVID-19: Theory and Evidence from Public Opinion by Joshua Byun, D.G. Kim, Sichen Li