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Issue: NOV. 9, 2020
China's Techno-Dictatorship
Victor Shih writes on The Wire China about the 14th Five-Year Plan’s signals on politics, technology and the economy. How will that shape China and the world?
Hong Kong On the Brink
Jeff Wasserstrom discuss the role of students in social movements throughout modern China, the persistent colonial shadow over Hong Kong and implications of the One Country, Two Systems for Taiwan.
Chinese Debate on Economic Openness and Reform

GPS students survey Chinese media reports to reveal a debate on whether to strengthen internal consumption and investment in an era of pandemic and protectionism or to improve China's international image through further opening up and international investment.
India & China at an Inflection Point
Nirupama Rao, India's former ambassador to China and the U.S., addresses whether the recent India-China crisis at the Himalayan border signals the end of India's “strategic autonomy” at a challenging time for the Indian economy amid a pandemic.
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