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Issue: SEPT. 23, 2020
A Dangerous Moment in U.S.-China Relations
Susan Shirk and Erin Carter discuss the domestic drivers to China's posture towards the U.S. and the impact of the U.S. elections on bilateral relations.
New Papers on China and the Global Economy

by UC San Diego Professor Lawrence Broz and co-authors

"Limits of Liberalization: WTO Entry and Chinese State-Owned Firms" by nonresident scholar Yeling Tan of University of Oregon and co-authors
Xinjiang from Qing to Xi
In this episode of our historians' webcast series, Micah Muscolino and James Millward discuss the history of Xinjiang from Qing imperial pluralism to the repression of Uighurs in the Xi Jinping era.
Toward Competitive Co-existence
Susan Shirk, co-chair of the Task Force on U.S.-China Policy, joined members Kurt Campbell and Yasheng Huang to discuss forward-looking strategies to manage bilateral relations, in partnership with the Committee of 100.
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