September 25th, 2015

Welcome to our very first e-newsletter!

We are happy to have you join us in this first month's celebration and want to share with you some exciting news.

Did you know that INVENI Business & Technology recently took a corporate team to China on a trade tour? The 9-day trip began with us identifying a need for Trinidadian companies to do safe business transactions with factories in China and ended with good relationships with chosen Chinese manufacturers. We even organized tours to major tourist attractions for the travelling team!  Learn more .

Of course, we had to sneak in some special Chinese gifts for them and key staff members.

Now that we've got you, up next:

  • Get to know us
  • Helpful tips on doing business in China
  • What's brewing in-house
  • On the horizon

Get to know us

INVENI sprung forth in 2012 as a market player managing and minimizing risks associated with local companies seeking to source and import factory-direct goods and custom-manufactured products from China. Doing business across major cities and provinces in China is our forte. From Shanghai to Beijing, Yiwu to Shenzhen, we continue to map our path. Our one-stop sourcing solution allows companies to navigate the vast China business landscape which consists of thousands of suppliers and factories alike yet not all are the same.

Our key B2B services include:
  • Import assistance
  • Supplier verification, sampling & quality inspections
  • Logistics and shipping
  • Project management support for custom-manufacturing
  • Buyer representation
  • Customized trade tours to China

Helpful tips on doing business in China

Chinese holidays tend to run for longer periods than normal. Some holidays last up to one week. This is the month of the mid-autumn holiday from the 26th - 27th with National Day holiday running from October 1st - 7th. Holidays lasting as long as this halt production. Suppliers' doors close, factories shut down and no one can be reached. Your shipment of goods is pushed back and you can't meet expected demand. Doesn't sound too good right?

What's brewing in-house

Exciting new business ventures are filling our senses here with welcomed turns into new markets: office furniture, eyewear, steel pan, restaurant equipment, non-pharmaceuticals and a return to the crafts sector. We are expanding our reach and entering new terrains. Of course, let us not forget our 360 Auto Mop bucket system launched at TIC in July and at various site visits. We know you are as eager as us to get this onto local shelves!

On the horizon

China  is known for some of the largest trade shows in the world. In order to keep up-to-date with market trends, you are going to need these opportunities. Connect your company with Chinese suppliers by meeting them face-to-face. You can expect to find thousands of booths at every trade show showcasing the latest products out of China.

Upcoming China trade shows October - November 2015:

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Well, this was surely exhilarating for all of us and we are glad to have shared this with all of you!

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Maeghann Yorke is the newest team member to join INVENI in June. Brought on board to launch the company's new Smart Life Solutions product line, she hopes to excel in her career of Marketing & Sales while offering readers content that is mature, friendly yet exhilarating.

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INVENI Business & Technology Limited
5F Fitt street
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