July 26,

No. 106

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Weekly Readings

China and India are at odds over the Doklam Plateau and threats have been exchanged. The long border is one of China's few lingering territorial disputes. Periodically, troops from both sides conduct activities that the other considers provocative. When Xi Jinping visited India in 2014, for example, the Chinese military crossed the Line of Actual Control and expanded its presence. Now tensions are high again, and Washington will need to be aware of whe re we are and where developments are going. The Global Times article also carries an interesting aside on the state of India's China-watching community. It offers an invitation to reflect on the state of their American counterparts and the field of Chinese America-watchers.

俗语 in Xi Jinping's Speeches

dà dāo kuò fǔ
Meaning: decisive and bold
On July 24, Xi Jinping spoke on the topic of military reform at the 42nd Politburo study session. Xi stressed the importance of the military to overall national strategy and discussed the importance of continuing important military reforms.
Original: 5 年来,国防和军队改革大刀阔斧、蹄疾步稳,在主要领域迈出历史性步伐、实现历史性突破、取得历史性成果。

Video of the Week  

Empire of Dust: China in Africa  is a Chinese language documentary surrounding a Chinese infrastructure project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This film expands upon Chinese involvement on the African continent and exhibits the culture clashes that take place between Chinese expats and native Africans.

The DEFINITIVE China DC Happy Hour 2017

For those of you stuck in DC during the dog days of August, the DEFINITIVE China DC Happy Hour will take place on August 10 from 6 PM to 9 PM ET at the Eighteenth Street Lounge. AMS is participating in the event as we do every year.  Last year over 420 participants from 24 organizations attended.

Registration is required and can be found  here

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Look out for a new podcast episode coming soon on our recent event with Dr. Chelsea Chia-chen Chou on healthcare reform in China. 

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