June 29,

No. 135

AMS Weekly Newsletter
Dedicated to the development of the future stewards of U.S.-China relations
This week we focus on China and the WTO, a suyu delivered by Xi Jinping on June 27, and Amongst White Clouds.
Weekly Readings

As trade threats escalate into a trade war, it behooves us to pay attention to how China positions itself vis a vis the WTO. China released its white paper on China and the WTO yesterday. It is lengthy, but for those that follow trade it is a useful resource.

俗语 in Xi Jinping's Speeches

zìgǔ zhī bīng fēi hàozhàn

Meaning: those who know war do not like [want] war

While meeting with General Mattis in Beijing on June 27, President Xi reportedly used this suyu when talking about mil-mil relations. His point was that those in command of the military have an important role to play in preventing tensions from escalating.

Original:  习近平说,两军关系是两国关系的重要组成部分。近年来,两军关系保持良好发展势头。自古知兵非好战,加强两军各层次的交往和机制建设,有利于消除疑虑,防止误解误判和意外事件。希望两军加强沟通,增进互信,深化合作,管控风险,推动两军关系成为两国关系的稳定器。

Video of the Week

The documentary film Amongst White Clouds focuses on the tradition of Buddhist hermits living in the Zhongnan mountains. This film is suitable for those interested in how traditional Buddhist practices are conducted in modern-day China.

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