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bike-sharing in Beijing

Bike-Sharing Apps Pop Up As Latest Startup
Unicorn Craze In China

  It's ironic to see bicycles back on the streets of Beijing again but with a new twist thanks to the sharing economy and a boom in well-funded bike sharing startups such as Mobike and Ofo that work through mobile apps - sort of like car-hailing services Uber or Didi , except for bikes.
The business model and technology for bike sharing in China is more advanced than in the West - one more sign of that skillful Chinese micro-innovating gene.
Mobike has drawn more than $300 million from Temasek, Hillhouse Capital, Sequoia Capital and Tencent's Xuanwu Lab.  Ofo, its chief rival, has attracted $450 million from Didi Chuxing and DST Global - not to mention a plug by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who recently visited and rode a bike at Ofo.
Read Forbes:   Bike Rage

Mobike CTO and co-founder Joe Xia (middle, below) was on a panel of tech innovators that Silicon Dragon's Rebecca Fannin moderated at Peking University, along with Paul Xu of drone maker DJI and Dirk Eschenbacher of upscale travel site Zanadu
panel, tech innovators

China's Bid For Soft Power Intensifies With 
Elite Scholars Heading For World Leadership Posts

In China's continuing bid for soft power, no small part of this drive for economic expansion and prestige are its elite scholarships at leading Chinese universities modeled after the world-famous Rhodes Scholarship award at the University of Oxford. These scholarships at Peking University and Tsinghua University in Beijing are intended to educate and influence the next generation of world leaders from politics to economics to medicine to the arts, law and technology.
Launched over the past two years, it's a little too early to tell the impact of these full scholarships funded by the likes of Baidu founder and billionaire entrepreneur Robin Li (an alumn of Peking University) and Blackstone private equity leader Steve Schwarzman. But I have little doubt of the earnest ambitions of the students carefully selected for these scholarships.
I recently had the opportunity to get a sampling of what these scholarship programs are like while speaking at and attending Peking University's Yenching Global Symposium, held on campus just as spring was beginning to flower. 
Read  Forbes China's Extra Credits

Rebecca w John Holden
Posing at Peking University with Associate Dean John Holden of the Yenching Academy 

China's Investments in U.S. Tech Startups In AI and Robotics
Is Worrying The Pentagon
Read New York Times 


Why China Will Lead The Next Wave Of Innovation - 
In The Internet Of Things 
by  Dr. Shipeng Li, CTO, IngDan & Cogobuy Group and former head of Microsoft Research Asia for nearly two decades. 
Read Dr. Li's Views
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    Scenes From Silicon Dragon's 
China-Hollywood Dealmakers Dinner
Los Angeles, March 23, 2017

Thomas Saschon, Eric Mika Gabe Bloch, Cary Woodworth Chen Zhao, Elizabeth Miao
Above: Thomas Saschon, Sony Music; Eric Mika, LeEcho; Gabe Bloch, Alibaba Pictures; Cary Woodworth, Legacy Film; Bo An, China Lion Entertainment; Chen Xiao, E3 Capital  
(special thanks to our co-host Nixon Peabody)