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Day 1: US-China Superpowers Debate 
Day 2: LA and China - The Next Detroit

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NY 2019

VC Gary Rieschel:
"China is going to eat our lunch."  

Silicon Dragon 
SF 2019
VC Hans Tung:
 China does make Silicon Valley look sleepy."
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China's Tech Upgrade: What Could Go Wrong? Plenty!        
    China's Silicon Valley has evolved over the past two decades to a potentially dominant worldwide tech leader in the near future. From copiers to originators, Chinese tech titans are showing the way forward with leading-edge advances that rival the West.
As U.S. and China superpowers angle for advantage, the two leaders are increasingly following their own path, building parallel universes. China is doubling down on its goals to achieve supremacy with national high-tech champions.
What could go wrong and detail China's ascent in tech? Plenty, as I note in  Tech Titans of China.

Apple opens first accelerator in China to support app developers - another sign of support to the China market in the midst of a trade war! Deal Street Asia
 Hillhouse-backed Meicai, the Chinese startup that connects vegetable farmers with restaurants, is seeking to raise at least $500 million at a valuation between $10-12 billion. Bloomberg  
Hong Kong-based SinoMab Biosciences has filed to go public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 

 Chinese drone maker DJI expects that by expanding its business in the U.S., its drones will comply with Washington's trade rules and government agencies will be able to buy its products more easily.  Caixin Global  

Perhaps the first truly global Chinese tech company?
Chinese social media platform TikTok could be the future for music sharing. NPR
China response to Facebook Libra : It is the greatest threat to Chinese fintech dominance now and they know it. Chinese tech firms have not yet gained many users internationally, unlike US tech. US tech has not, however, had fintech success of Alibaba or Tencent. In turn, central bank digital currency plans are being sped up with Ant Financial, and there's a possibility of loosening domestic cryptocurrency regulation to ensure there is a Chinese competitor. @ChorzempaMartin
 The top 10 things you need to know from the China Internet Report: SCMP
Next year, the median age in China will be 38.4 years old, surpassing the median age in the US of 38.3 years old. And the gap will quickly widen thereafter.
 Source: UN World Development Organization
 Tech Titans of China News Clips & Photos
On Stage in Hong Kong: with Edith Yeung, Lulu Chen, William Chu, William Bao Bean, Cody Simms, Gary Liu, Janice Lee, Albert Wong, Wu Chen, Geoffrey Prentice, Jeff Li

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