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As the Chinese spy balloon floated over the U.S. this past week, it must have gotten a good look at how the former Rust Belt is retooling with new advanced factories, semiconductor plants and city hubs that amount to a Tech Belt spreading across the Midwest. Higher-end production jobs are shifting back after years of losses to China that left the region as fly over country. Now, it's becoming fly-in country.

Silicon Heartland launches March 7 with a positive outlook about a Middle America reboot, boosting the nation to greater heights.

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Elevate Ventures

CEO Christopher Day

February 15


Refinery Ventures

Managing Partner Tim Schigel

February 23



CEO Ray Leach

March 2

Revolution/ Rise of the Rest

Chairman & CEO Steve Case

March 7

Heartland Road Trip Tour 2023

Morgantown, WVa March 30

Pittsburgh, March 31

Lancaster, Ohio April 5

Cincinnati, April 11

Cleveland, April 14

Milwaukee, June 27

Chicago, June 22 / July 13-14

Madison, Wisc., Oct 19-22


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