A Wake up Call for God's People
Coronavirus -- a wake up call for God's people to finally enter into the, "SECRET PLACE of the most HIGH." The Secret Place has been God's miraculous key to survival throughout all the ages for His people! Yes, God promises in Psalms 91 to protect you, IF you enter into and remain in the Secret place of the most High!
We have heretofore marginalized God and made Him peripheral to our everyday living. Now He is "calling us" to the Secret Place, which is a constant, ongoing trust, sustained by a continual, unceasing union and communion with God. Obtained by His daily Grace and appropriated by an active living Faith In and through His Son Jesus Christ.  
There is no safe sanctuary, security or refuge outside of God and God Alone!
It is our freedom to choose which reality we are going to live in, the seen or the unseen, God or circumstances? It is ours to choose!!!
What the authorities are NOT telling you!
There are five additional steps the world authorities are not telling you in order to avoid the Coronavirus. These steps will build up a strong immune system!  
1. Eliminate all stress and anxiety
2. Purge all refined sugars
3. Get 30 minutes of fresh air cardio daily
4. Come Under God in all your daily living
5. Prioritize others above yourself
God & God alone,
Jim & Sally

P.S. This was initially posted on Jim's Facebook page last week!
                                    What Will you do Today?