Issue No. 174 | Sep. 25, 2019
Dedicated to the development of the future stewards of U.S.-China relations
Chinese Lecture Series
America in Tumultuous Times: Observations of a Chinese Journalist (中文)
Join us Friday, October 4, 12-1:15 pm for a stimulating conversation, in Chinese , with Caijing magazine’s DC bureau chief JIN Yan . Ms. Jin has spent seven eventful years in Washington DC reporting for one of China’s leading business magazines on topics ranging from politics, to economics, to society. She has also been working on a book that collects some of her most important observations about current American society. Join us over your Friday lunch hour at the Stimson Center to hear her reflections on her time in the U.S. This is a brown bag lunch event, so feel free to bring your own food. This is a great opportunity to keep your 中文听力 sharp!
Weekly Reading:
Rewriting the Rules
In the latest  China Leadership Monitor ,  Minxin Pei examines CCP rules and regulations changes since Xi came to power. Pei writes "Compared with his predecessors, Xi also promulgated and revised more codes (条例) on CCP affairs. These are considered more authoritative than all other CCP rules with the exception of its 'principles.' Jiang issued six new codes during the course of his thirteen years in power; Hu issued ten new codes and revised three codes between 2002 and 2012. But in six and half years Xi has issued ten new codes and has revised fourteen.”

This may be more into the weeds than some of you care for, but hey, just be grateful we are not asking you to read about  public road maintenance reform .
俗语 from Xi Jinping
gè shū jǐ jiàn

Meaning: everyone gives their own view

Original: ”能听意见、敢听意见特别是勇于接受批评、改进工作,是有信心、有力量的表现。发展社会主义协商民主,要把民主集中制的优势运用好,发扬“团结-批评-团结”的优良传统,广开言路,集思广益,促进不同思想观点的充分表达和深入交流,做到相互尊重、平等协商而不强加于人,遵循规则、有序协商而不各说各话,体谅包容、真诚协商而不偏激偏执,形成既畅所欲言、 各抒己见 ,又理性有度、合法依章的良好协商氛围。”

This chengyu was used (along with several others in the above sentence) in Xi Jinping's remarks at the Central Conference on the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Work, which also marked the 70th anniversary of the CPPCC, on September 20.

Here's one example of how you can use this chengyu in a sentence: " 讨论会上,同学们 各抒己见 ,争论不休。"
Caixin Decade Investigative Reports
《财新十年调查报道故事集》 is an audio series produced by Caixin , updated every Wednesday since August 28 ( requires login ). The series includes the most interesting Caixin investigative reports from the past ten years. According to their website, "唯有真相,值得回响。"
Huang Qifan on the importance of HK
In this 5-minute YouTube video , Huang Qifan, vice chairman of the National People's Congress (NPC) Financial and Economic Affairs Committee expresses that the significance of Hong Kong cannot be measured by GDP alone.
Blakemore Freeman Fellowships for Advanced Asian Language Study
Since 1990, the Blakemore Foundation has awarded over $18 million in grants to graduating seniors, college graduates, graduate students and working professionals to fund an academic year of advanced language study in East and Southeast Asia. Currently, about 1/2 of our grants are made for the study of Chinese. Our Fellows for Chinese receive a stipend for living, travel and study expenses and full tuition for study at the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies at Tsinghua University or the International Chinese Language Program at National Taiwan University.
The deadline for submission is 30 December 2019 .
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