Chinese New Year - Get Ready for the Year of the Rat
This month, we have a ton of wonderful and insightful articles surrounding the topic of Chinese New Year, which starts January 25th! There are so many facets to this holiday - many of which you may not even know. How to prepare, why are there different dates, tips and ideas to deal with the metal rat energy, and even wonderful horoscopes and predictions from some of our top experts. Each article will give you a different flavor of the aspects of Chinese New Year...enjoy them all, bookmark them, and come back later and read again and again. We hope you enjoy! And Happy Year of the Rat!
Why is Chinese New Year Important
Why in 2020, are we celebrating on January 25, if the beginning of the Geng Zi actually changes on February 4th. Why the discrepancy?Technically, both dates are correct - for different reasons. read more....
2020 Chinese Lunar and Solar New Year
Learn more about the lunar and solar new year dates listed for Chinese New Year. Two different calendars are observed: one based on the earth’s movement around the sun (solar) and the other is linked to phases of the moon (lunar.), and they begin at different times. read more....
Chinese New Year Traditions
As a kid, I didn’t quite understand many of the traditions that my family followed. My parents would say do this; and me not being all that curious at the time, would simple do. Fast forward to... I am wiser, a little more curious, and still practicing many of those traditions in a new way. read more...
13 Feng Shui Tips for a Lucky Year of the Rat 2020
As the Chinese Year of the Rat is fast approaching, how can you prepare for the major change of energy and generate a better luck in your life? This article shows how to welcome new Chi, get rid of old, and create a better life in 2020. read more...

Feng Shui Tip
"It’s a specific kind of rat year, it’s a metal rat. The metal is one of the five elements in Chinese astrology. So the metal rat, the metal element, the qualities of the metal element are about sharpness, clarity and doing the right thing." -- Ting Foon Chik
from Donna Stellhorn, Astrologer and Feng Shui Expert
2020 Chinese Horoscopes Playlist by Feng Shui Foon: for all Chinese Zodiac Signs,: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig
Feng Shui Tips from the White Metal Rat
The metal energy of the rat is conducive to completing pending projects with proper rules and protocols. Building a strong base of operation is the platform from which to jump when creating wealth opportunities. read more...
Don't Let a Rat be at the Center of your Life in 2020
Each January, I spend a few days reconciling new placements within my home, placing items accordingly. When I incorporate the cures, I am very mindful of the existing Feng Shui cures. Quite a delicate balancing act! read more...
Digging Deeper with the 2020 Year Replace Year Chart
Jillian digs deeper by presenting her Year Replace Year Chart analysis and insights for each of the 9 sectors of the BaGua. read more...
FINAL THOUGHTS: Insights into the Metal Rat
The Rat is smart, ambitious, and successful, but unfortunately can resort to unscrupulous measures to make it happen. They may have a tendency to lie to get what they want. They tend to be lazy and lackadaisical over things of no interest to them. Be clear and precise when dealing with the Rat, as misinterpretations can be perceived. Ask the right questions. The rat can tangle the truth.

This year rely on patience and humor to get you through. Do not lose your head to temper. When faced with the Queen of Heart’s attitude and aggression….“Keep your Head.” Stay focused on the positive and let the rest go. The rest is probably not your business anyway. Don’t make it so.

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