Saturday, February 19, 2021 7:00-8:30pm

Cost: Free for NWCC members and friends

Erhu player
Dr. Jerry Lin
Guzheng player
Bi Hai
Free chance to win
a prize drawing for attending!
Gift Certificates,
"The Kite that
touched the Sky",
and more!
We invite you to attend the 2022 NWCC Chinese New Year online party. Hear about traditions around this holiday.

What is Chinese New Year without food? Please order some Chinese takeout food from your favorite Chinese restaurant or cook your own, and join us.

Dr. Jerry Lin and Bi Hai will provide a live musical performance playing the erhu and guzheng respectively, and joining to playing duets.

We'll have breakout rooms to share Chinese food stories before the free door prize drawing.

Don't forget to register! [click here]