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Chinese New Year - Year of the Earth Pig 2019
Who loves getting ready for Chinese New Year? If you haven't ever celebrated before, or if you are a long time lover and fan of this special holiday, then this is the newsletter for you. Filled with tips, forecasts, advice and overviews of the coming Earth Year!

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"My new favorite Chinese New Year cure ( and don’t they change as we grow and change ourselves) is placing happy, bright red peonies in the home for the two weeks leading up to the Chinese New Year. By placing this beloved and magical flower in your home you’ll attract the energy of the flower itself: love, affection, beauty, light and great fortune."

In 2019, the Ji Hai or Earth Pig will be slow-paced with opportunities to rejuvenate and replenish. Learn more about the areas of impact in 2019 including:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Wellness and Well-Being
  • Feng Shui of your space
  • Eastern and Western Arts and Practices
  • Using Metaphysical tools to help make life better

From Feng Shui consultant, author, and former movie director, Anita Rosenberg.

Earth Pig years are good for businesses that focus on making people comfortable at home and in other areas of their lives. There is profit to be made in helping bring people together for celebration, assisting people in selling off unwanted stuff, helping them finish projects or degrees. Spiritual and alternative business can do very well, helping people get in touch with the inner self. Creative businesses also get a boost this year as people are drawn to color, design, and things that make them happy.

Whether you are in a job, looking for a job, looking to start a business, or expanding your current business, find out more based on your Chinese Zodiac sign from long-time expert astrologer and author, Donna Stellhorn.

Whatever your resolutions and goals are for this year there is a sector, or a combination of sectors, that you can utilize. The best way to tap into this energy is to physically spend time in the sectors which best suit your goals – preferably by taking the actions necessary to make those dreams a reality.

Learn more about each of the sectors and plan to empower your plans and manifest your intentions, from expert and educator, Beth Grace.

The Chinese Solar New Year begins Monday February 4 and all Feng Shui and Flying Star yearly adjustments and enhancements should be in place before then. Find out how to get ready.

How can you prepare for this change of energy and welcome good luck in your life? Read the full article for different methods to welcome the new energy, get rid of the old one and create a better life in 2019.

"Pin"spiration - Chinese New Year
Tips and ideas for how you can bring your Chinese New Year celebrations and preparations to the next level.

Year of the Pig Overview

Think positively about the year ahead and add a happy looking pig to your home! They’re smiling, happy energy is a benefit to the whole house, especially when placed in the north-northwest of the home.

  • Everyone will enjoy the glow of the Prosperity Star in 2019 because it moves to the center!
  • Men enjoy popularity and recognition, but they should watch their health particularly with the heart, eyes and blood.
  • Women can make inroads in becoming who they are meant to be, but must watch out for themselves with regard to money, job, and most importantly, health.
  • Families will benefit from working together and joining forces, traveling to distant locales and spending time near water.
  • Watch your assets and investments this year. Get all investment promises in writing. Watch your financial and savings accounts closely for fraud or loss.
  • Love can come from places around water, at work or anything to do with business or travel on the job.

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