March 31, 2021 | Issue 2021-20
MFA: Accusing China of “genocide” is the lie of the century
Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Hua Chunying said on Wednesday that accusations of so-called "genocide" in Xinjiang were the biggest lie of all that rides roughshod over international law. 

Hua Chunying (in translation): The US Department of State on Thursday released the "2020 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices", accusing the Chinese government of "genocide" in Xinjiang and wantonly criticizing China's Xinjiang policy.
Accusing China of "genocide" is the biggest lie of all that rides roughshod over international law. The term genocide, which is universally believed to be a severe international crime, came into being against the backdrop of World War II to recount "the destruction of a nation or of an ethnic group." In December 1948, the U.N. General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide which defined the crime of genocide. Under the Convention, genocide means specified acts "committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part a national, ethnical, racial or religious group." In terms of the act, it must be proven that there was the commission of specific acts under the Convention. This is the most elementary requirement for a finding of genocide. The key elements must be proved at a "high level of certainty" and the Court must "be fully convinced" of the allegation. In terms of the intent, it must be proven that there was a specific intent to destroy "in whole or in part" a particular group. This is a critical element for a finding of genocide. The specific intent must be specifically and clearly demonstrated and proven. Therefore, a finding of genocide must result from the application of authoritative, stern, inflexible procedural rules. It must survive strict scrutiny of the facts and withstand the test of time. No State, organization, or individual is qualified and entitled to arbitrarily determine that another State has committed "genocide." In international relations, no country should use this accusation as a political label for rumor-mongering and malicious manipulation.

The US, based on lies and disinformation produced by anti-China forces, wantonly asserted that there is genocide in Xinjiang. This is the most preposterous lie of the century, an outrageous insult and affront to the Chinese people, and a gross breach of international law and basic norms governing international relations.

As overwhelming facts have proven, the investigative report the US keeps citing and hyping up is disinformation fabricated by the likes of Adrian Zenz who are anti-China. The few so-called "witnesses" are just "actors" and "actresses" the US has used and trained. Relevant media acted as the megaphone to spread the lies. Their shoddy show is a deplorable patchwork. Xinjiang and many outside China, including in the US, have exposed and refuted their lies in various ways.
The genocide allegation maligns China's ethnic policy and Xinjiang's development and progress. China is a unified multi-ethnic country where the rights and interests of all ethnic minority groups are fully protected according to the Constitution and the regional ethnic autonomy arrangement. All ethnic groups live harmoniously together with equality, solidarity and mutual assistance. We can say without exaggeration that China's policy on ethnic minorities is much better and more equal than that of the US. Ethnic minorities in China enjoy much greater happiness, equality and dignity than those in the US. It is just beyond absurd for the US to keep churning out lies and weaving utterly groundless stories of "forced labor" and "genocide"! China's family planning policy has been more leniently applied to ethnic minorities than the ethnic Han people, leading to a higher growth rate in ethnic populations compared with the national average. During the past 40 years or so, the population of Uyghurs in Xinjiang increased from 5.55 million to 12.8 million. Their life expectancy rose from 30 years six decades ago to 72. Has anyone seen this kind of "genocide"? To help residents shake off poverty through employment, Xinjiang government at all levels have been assisting them in finding jobs outside the region on the basis of fully respecting their will. As a result, people are leading better lives with higher incomes. Has anyone seen this kind of "genocide"? In Xinjiang, most cotton is now harvested mechanically. During the cotton-picking season, migrant rural workers from Henan and Sichuan would travel to Xinjiang for the job. This is no different from Americans seeking cross-state employment or Europeans working in autumn vineyards.

As a major power, the US has stooped so low as to turn a blind eye to the fact that Xinjiang enjoys security, prosperity and development, and that the 25 million residents of all ethnic groups in the region live harmoniously together with solidarity, and arbitrarily slapped the label of "genocide" on China based on nothing but the accounts of a few fake academics and false witnesses. This only exposes further its hypocrisy behind all the talk about rule of law and rules, and serves as further evidence that the US strategic conspiracy is attempting to create a so-called Xinjiang issue to contain China's development. Lawrence Wilkerson, retired US Army Colonel and chief of staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, has made it clear the so-called Xinjiang issue is nothing but a US strategic conspiracy to foment unrest in China and contain it from within. This is what the US and a few of its allies did to Iraq and Syria. But it will not and shall not work in China.

The vicious, waspish, and wanton accusations and insults that the US flings at Xinjiang are, in fact, a reflection of its own crimes and sins committed in the past.

Speaking of the US, there was genocide of native Indians through the Westward Expansion. Then, the US launched military operations against Muslim countries under the pretext of counter-terrorism following the 9/11 attack. It used a test tube of washing powder and a staged video as evidence to stage wars against sovereign states, causing numerous civilian casualties and the destruction of countless Muslim families. And you all remember the Guantanamo Bay detention camp which is infamous for the US abusive treatment of prisoners. More recently, Washington Post carried an article titled "How Native Americans were vaccinated against smallpox, then pushed off their land". The article gave an account of the lies that the US government has long told to native Indians and the sinful deeds it conducted against them, such as distribution of blankets infected with smallpox with the purpose of killing American Indians, and involuntarily sterilization of thousands of native Indian women. The past couple of days witnessed widespread coverage of the inhuman treatment of illegal immigrants, many children included, at detention center at the US-Mexico border.

The US has no right whatsoever to criticize China on the human rights issue. Let the curtain fall on this US-staged play. It's time for US politicians to wake up from their Truman Show.

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