God is moving in mighty ways all across West & Central Africa! Chip has traveled to multiple countries since arriving in the early part of February. God is raising up men and women across Africa to reach their own. While Chip travels from country to country, in other remote areas our WACA teams are training and ministering as well . Jesus’ plan for us to make disciples who make disciples, works (Mt 28:18-20). 

Here are some highlights from Chip's travels!

The Congo
On February 9, I landed in Brazzaville, Congo. I sent Justin here last fall, but this was my first time here. Congo is not like West Africa. People are much kinder “behind the wheel.”

The week before I left for Congo, Jean Baptiste, who is the President of the Federation of the Churches of Congo and the AG Superintendent for Congo, contacted me. After our discussion, he decided to mobilize many of the pastors in Brazzaville to our first meeting, which was in the evening. There were over 250 pastors present. For the next 3 days we ministered to and trained more than 130 pastors and leaders on how to properly facilitate a Live School. Because we already had scheduled a venue to train people from the EEC (Evangelical Churches of Congo, the largest denomination there), we held two trainings simultaneously. In the bigger meeting, because we projected way less the number of Live Schools we would need, a group of 12 churches are working together to run a school. The Lord is bringing unity to the Church! Thank You, Jesus! 
Jean Baptiste & Chip
Facilitators Training in Brazzaville
When we got to the airport for our flight to Pointe Noire, it was cancelled. There was no other flight available, so we spent an extra night in Brazzaville and took the 7-8 hour bus ride there the next day. But because our new Congo coordinator has already built a team of 6 or so, they held the first day of training, while we rode on the bus. The Congolese Christians are hungry and motivated for the teaching we are giving them. Pray with us that they “stay the course,” and that they might bring in the large harvest that is surely here.
On a Bus to Pointe Noire
It took us 15 hours to get to Libreville, Gabon from Pointe Noire, Congo. This should have been a simple one hour flight, but again our flight was cancelled, as was the flight of the only other airlines flying that route. So, the only way there was to fly to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, then all the way to Lome, Togo, and finally back to Libreville, Gabon. Whatever it takes, preach the Gospel! 
35 Churches Represented at our Facilitators Training
I thought the people in Congo were engaged, but the group we had in Gabon was doubly so! One day, during lunch Justin disappeared. When he came back, I asked him where he went. He told me that many people wanted to dedicate their lives to missions and asked him to pray for them…this in a country that is not known for missions. Out of 35 churches represented, our host Bienvenu says that six of them are ready to begin now. The Lord is equipping and mobilizing His Church in WACA!
São Tomé
We arrived at São Tomé and were denied entry. The immigration officer wanted the address where we were staying, but we had only a phone number. He told us to call it, but Christian and Justin’s phone batteries were “flat,” and mine had “No Service.” The policeman wouldn’t even let us use his phone for a local call. Some welcome we were getting for our first visit to São Tomé Principe! We prayed, and after a few minutes the immigration officer told Christian to follow him. About 5 minutes later, he and Nezey, our host Adilson’s wife, showed up. Nezey knew the immigration officer, and so we gained entrance into São Tomé. The people of São Tomé gave us a much warmer welcome! So, many people without a shepherd, the Shepherd. My heart went out to them. I’m so glad the church has given us a warm welcome and connected us with the head of the church association, Alliance. Lord willing, Justin will return here in April and minister to all the pastors and then train facilitators for using Live School thereafter. The harvest here is ripe; it’s like grapes falling off of the vine, begging to be picked! I believe Live School will put fire in its students to reap that harvest! 
We only have 3 Portuguese Live School units to leave here now. Somehow, I’m sure that we will need to get at least another 7 Portuguese LSU to Justin to bring here when he comes in April. We also need many more French Live School units in this Central African side of WACA.
Service in São Tomé - People came ready to hear from God!
Market Place of São Tomé
We are so very grateful for your support. Thank you for your continued prayers as we forge ahead to reach the lost. God is doing incredible things all throughout WACA and we continue to see first hand how much higher God's ways are than ours! We have seen God move mountains in the face of adversity & yet we know that it is only the beginning.

In Him,

Chip & Kathy Carroll
May the Lord's blessings rest on you, that all nations might know His glory. (Genesis 12:1-3 & Psalms 67:1-2)