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CSW and WUFF Show Up in Droves at Public Hearing on Student Immunizations!
On March 3, 2020, the Assembly Committee on Constitution and Ethics held a  public hearing  on Clearinghouse Rule 19-079 related to the immunization of students, including:
  • Rule 1 - Change in the ‘substantial outbreak’ classification to include chicken pox.
  • Rule 2 - Change in the ‘substantial outbreak’ definition of mumps from "an incidence of the disease exceeding 2% of the unvaccinated population” to define ‘substantial outbreak’ as “three or more cases linked by time and place.”
  • Rule 4 - Mandate the meningococcal vaccine (MenACWY) for all 7th graders, with a booster dose in 12th grade.
  • Rule 5 - Parents would no longer be able to report their child’s chicken pox illness and would be required to see a healthcare provider to confirm infection.
Roughly 8 hours of testimony was given. WUFF members completely filled the large hearing room and additional overflow rooms. The CSW had our newest Board Member Judith Jolly and Drs. Steve Puckette, Nathan Jackson, Amy Heffernan, Wade Anunson and Scott Bautch ready to testify and other CSW members such as Dr. Laura Van Roo and the Steinhafel team from Nekoosa registering against the rule.
Scott Bautch, DC, Wausau, WI
Nathan Jackson, DC, Oconto, WI
Judith Jolly, CSW Public Board Member
Steve Puckette, DC, Madison, WI
The WUFF and CSW presenters did an absolutely fantastic job sharing their personal stories and scientific data and evidence to back up our position.

Watch the full hearing on WisconsinEye.

We hit on all cylinders resulting in a very positive response from the legislators of the committee, which voted against CR 19-079 the following day on a vote of 6 - 2! The rule now moves on to the JCRAR committee.

As you can see from the list of organizations registered in favor of this legislation, the CSW and WUFF won despite very tough opposition.

THANK YOU to all of our members... YOUR support provides us the ability to continue to fight for you, your families and your patients!
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