February 2017
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CCRPC Calendar of Events


3/7: Town Meeting Day

3/8, 9:00am: CCRPC Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting

3/8, 11:00am: CCRPC Clean Water Advisory Committee Meeting

3/8, 12:30pm: CCRPC MS-4 Sub-Committee Meeting

3/8, 2:30pm: CCRPC Planning Advisory Committee Meeting

3/8, 5:45pm: CCRPC Executive Committee Meeting

3/9, 8:30am: CCRPC Long-Range Planning Committee Meeting

3/13, 3:00pm: CCRPC Brownfields Advisory Committee Meeting

3/14, 9:00am: Local Emergency Planning Committee Meeting

3/15, 6:00pm: CCRPC Board Meeting

3/15, 6:00pm: CCRPC Public Hearing - Bylaw Amendments

3/23, 5:30pm: CCRPC UPWP Update Committee Meeting

Around the County: Photo of the Month
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A pair of sledders take advantage of the early February storms at Shelburne Farms.
Photo by Lee Krohn

Electric Usage Chart Tool

With this chart, you'll be able to see how quickly your energy bill can add up when you use appliances and lighting not manufactured with energy efficiency in mind.


Volunteer with Neighbor Rides

Neighbor Rides is a strategic initiative of United Way of Northwest Vermont supported by a dynamic group of community partners that brings people and places together to help meet the transportation needs of seniors and persons with disabilities. This partnership uses volunteer drivers to leverage government and community-funded transportation programs and help more people by decreasing the cost per ride.

Commission Representatives

Bolton: Joss Besse

Buel's Gore: Garret Mott

Burlington: Andy Montroll

Charlotte: Jim Donovan

Colchester: Marc Landry

Essex: Jeff Carr

Essex Junction: Dan Kerin

Hinesburg: Andrea Morgante

Huntington: Barbara Elliott

Jericho: Catherine McMains

Milton: Henry Bonges (Alt.)

Richmond: Bard Hill

Shelburne: John Zicconi

South Burlington: Chris Shaw

St. George: Jeff Pillsbury

Underhill: Brian Bigelow

Westford: Dave Tilton

Williston: Chris Roy, Chair

Winooski: Michael O'Brien, Vice Chair

For more information, including Commission agendas and minutes, schedule and resources, click here.
CCRPC  Staff

Charlie Baker, Executive Director

Cathy Aikman, CCOA Project Director

Dan Albrecht, Senior Planner

Pam Brangan, GIS Data & IT Manager

Jason Charest, Senior Transportation Planning Engineer

Eleni Churchill, Transportation Program Manager

Forest Cohen, Business Manager

Bryan Davis, Senior Transportation Planner

Marshall Distel, Transportation Planner

Chris Dubin, Transportation Planner

Bernie Ferenc, Transportation Business Manager

Sam Francis-Fath, CCOA Data Manager

Christine Forde, Senior Transportation Planner

Peter Keating, Senior Transportation Planner

Lee Krohn, AICP, Senior Planner

Regina Mahony, Planning Program Manager

Melanie Needle, Senior Planner

Emily Nosse-Leirer, Planner

Sai Sarepalli, Transportation Planning Engineer

Michelle Thibault-Hatch, Finance Assistant

Emma Vaughn, Communications Manager

For bios and contact information, click here.
Good morning,

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2016 ECOS Annual Report: The State of Chittenden County.

For the second year in a row, the Annual Report is an infographic that visually displays some of the most interesting trends and notable accomplishments from 2016 relating to people, place, and prosperity in Chittenden County.

Two notable trends from the 2016 ECOS Annual Report include:
  • For the fifth year in a row, Chittenden County has met or exceeded its goal for 80% of residential development occurring in areas planned for growth, with an average of 83% between 2010 and 2015.
  • In 2015, all three measured transportation modes moved in the right direction: Walking and biking increased by 0.1%, transit use increased by 0.4%, and driving alone decreased by 0.1%.
For more information, view our press release, visit the ECOS website, and check out the 90+ indicators that informed the Annual Report by visiting the ECOS Scorecard.

Best Regards,

Charlie Baker
Executive Director, CCRPC
Of Note
Public Hearing Notice for March 15: CCRPC Bylaw Amendments
The Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Wed., March 15, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. in its offices at 110 West Canal Street, Suite 202, Winooski, to consider proposed amendments to the CCRPC Bylaws. Learn More »
CCRPC Summer Internships Available
The CCRPC seeks interns for summer (June-August) 2017. Applications are due Friday, March 31st, 2017. Learn More »
Town Meeting Day & Local Elections: March 7
A form of government that exists nowhere else in the world outside of New England, town meeting involves direct citizen lawmaking -- true government by the governed. For more information, visit the Secretary of State's website » 
Implementing ECOS Strategy 2
Chittenden County Active Transportation Plan Final Draft Available
The final draft Active Transportation Plan (a.k.a. Regional Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan) is available for public view and will be considered for CCRPC Board approval on March 15. Learn More »
VTrans On-Road Bicycle Plan Phase II Roadway Characteristics Survey
VTrans would like to know what roadway characteristics provide you a level of comfort while bicycling on Vermont's State roadways? Wide shoulders? Low traffic volumes? Do the characteristics that provide comfort change in a rural context versus village centers?  Take the online survey to share your thoughts before March 10th.  Take the Survey »
Better Roads Grants: Applications Due March 17
A new round of Better Roads grants is available. This is a funding opportunity for construction projects that correct roadway-related erosion or water quality issues. Examples of eligible projects include stone lined ditch installation, stream bank stabilization, or culvert replacement.  Learn More »
Annual Listing of Projects Receiving Federal Funds
Federal law requires that CCRPC, as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Chittenden County, publish a listing of projects that obligate federal transportation funds at the end of each federal fiscal year. The annual listing includes all projects from the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) that received federal transportation dollars. The purpose of this report is to demonstrate progress being made toward implementation of the TIP and the Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

In FY16 (October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016) $36.5 million in federal funds were applied to projects in Chittenden County. The largest project in FY16 was reconstruction of US-7 in Charlotte ($6.9 million). The second largest was reconstruction of two I-89 Culverts in South Burlington south of Exit 13 ($5.1 million). The largest categories of projects funded were Bridge Improvements, including the culverts listed above and BR30 on Camels Hump Road Bridge, Huntington (22.4%), Transit (21%) and Roadway Corridor Improvements (20.9%) including US-7, Charlotte and Exit 16, Colchester. Bike/pedestrian projects received $2.8 million which was 7.8% of the total. 

The full report is available on the CCRPC website » 
Transportation Project News & Updates
For a full list of transportation projects, visit the CCRPC Transportation Advisory Committee website; a full project list is provided in every TAC agenda and is updated regularly. View the latest TAC agenda »
Implementing ECOS Strategy 1
Economic Development Strategies for Small Towns & Chittenden County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Feedback: March 29
This presentation will be particularly relevant to Planning Commissioners and Economic Development Committee members. We will provide some tools and examples relevant to Vermont communities, as well as have a discussion on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy that will be updated along with the ECOS Plan this upcoming year. This will be held on Wednesday, March 29th from 6pm to 8pm at the CCRPC Offices.  RSVP »
Save the Date: Small BIZ VT Summit: April 17
This day provides small businesses with the most relevant education, tools, networks, and resources to grow your business. Presentations feature solutions to small business issues with success stories, and ideas your business can implement immediately.  Learn More »
Chittenden County Brownfields Program Accepting Applications
If you own or wish to develop a property that is contaminated or suspected to be contaminated, please apply. To get started, read the information on different types of assistance and fill out and send us a site nomination/assistance request form.  Learn More »
Energy & Natural Resources
Implementing ECOS Strategies 3 & 4
Our Clean Water Future: 2017 Leahy Center Environmental Summit: March 27
This Summit will establish Vermont as a leader in building sustained, multi-sector, watershed-level initiatives that build resilience and create a culture of clean water. It will provide Vermont watershed teams the opportunity to share "Golden Examples" of their work around social and structural resilience, and collaborate to develop new multi-sector projects.  Learn More »
2017 Caring for Canopy Grants: Applications due April 14
The Caring for Canopy grant category is for projects focused on helping a community move their tree management program towards a sustained level. This could include street and park tree inventories; management, protection, and streetscape plan development; public policy development; training opportunities for staff and volunteers; tree planting; and tree maintenance. Learn More »
Energy Building Codes Training: May 10
This presentation will be relevant to Planners and Zoning Administrators (and any Board/Committee members who are interested). Efficiency Vermont will provide an update on residential and commercial building codes (RBES and CBES). The State of Vermont recently updated RBES and CBES and adopted a stretch code that enables municipalities to adopt enhanced energy standards above code. We will hold this presentation following the CCRPC Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting on May 10th at either 4pm or 4:30pm (start time will be finalized when the PAC agenda is finalized, and the meeting will run for one hour) at the CCRPC Offices. RSVP »
Energy Planning Training: May 11
This presentation will be relevant to Planning Commissioners and Energy Committee members. It will cover regional and municipal roles in complying with Act 174, the energy planning bill. CCRPC will present a first draft of the Chittenden County Energy Plan as well as municipal level baseline and future demand energy use by fuel source and sector. For additional information on the Chittenden County Regional Energy Plan, click here. This will be held on Thursday, May 11th from 6pm to 8pm at the CCRPC OfficesRSVP »
Efficiency Vermont Launches Speakers Bureau
Efficiency Vermont is offering free workshops for community groups and businesses designed to help Vermonters make energy improvements. Each workshop addresses how a particular technology works, associated economics, and available technical and financial resources.  Learn More »
Affordable, Efficient Senior Housing at Elm Place in Milton
Milton will soon be home to Vermont's first passive house certified, multi-family building. Cathedral Square broke ground on Elm Place in the spring of 2016 and when completed it will house 30 one-bedroom apartments for low-income seniors that will use 95% less heating energy and 65% less total energy than apartments built to code.  Learn More »
BioFinder 2016 Released
BioFinder was created to help communities and organizations identify the lands and waters in Vermont that contribute most to biological diversity. It can be used to learn more about your landscape or to assist with land use planning at the municipal, regional and statewide scales. Learn More »
Vermont Clean Water Initiative Brown Bag Lectures
These lectures on the Vermont Clean Water Act and its implementation occur monthly and can be attended in person or via Skype. View the full schedule » 
Quality of Place
Implementing ECOS Strategy 2
New Tool: Planning Atlas
Need to know the boundary of a state designated downtown or village center? Want to find out which municipalities have zoning regulations? Check out the new Planning Atlas. This easy-to-use tool provides access to our most commonly requested data -- the status of local planning and regulation, designation boundaries and more. In addition to the interactive map, the tool includes the municipal planning database that provides data on local land use regulation and policies.  Learn More »
Essentials of Land Use Regulations & DRB Summit: May 31
This presentation will be relevant to members of local development review boards, zoning and planning commissions that do development review. This is being held after Town Meeting Day to provide an introduction for any new board members; but this will also be relevant to veteran members as we will combine this with the DRB Summit - a peer to peer exchange and discussion. This will be held on Wednesday, May 31st from 6pm to 8pm at the CCRPC Offices.  RSVP »
Community Vision Realized: The New Jericho Market
Residents of Jericho and Underhill no longer need to travel far for groceries thanks to a new village market. Ten years earlier, with Municipal Planning Grant support, the towns explored opportunities for infill development on a 22-acre former lumberyard and envisioned the Riverside/Jericho Flats village with a full-service market. Having obtained village center designation, Jericho received additional funds to engage the community in preparing a master plan and regulations to guide future village development. Inspired by the plan, the lumberyard building was converted into a grocery store and an adjacent village green was developed to provide a community gathering space which also serves as a leach field for the septic system.
Emergency Preparedness
Implementing ECOS Strategy 2
Understanding Digital Threats: March 10
Join Champlain College and the U.S. Department of Justice on March 10th for a free one-day conference outlining key current cyber threats to organizations of all sizes, as well as what tactics you should be using to prepare and to respond to those threats. The conference will also include guidance on how to proceed when you are targeted -- and conversations about real-life scenarios we've faced here in Vermont and lessons learned from organizations across the country.  Learn More »
Local Emergency Operations Plans Due Before May 1
It's time to update your LEOP, have it approved by your legislative body, and submit it between Town Meeting Day and May 1, 2017. The template and format will remain the same as last year, so that can be used as the basis for this year's update. There will be an additional, optional annex related to continuity of operations planning (known as "COOP"). With or without a LEOP, this is a very useful concept to consider - how you would keep your "ship of state" running in case of incident or emergency, whether a cyberattack, server crash, severe illness among key staff, water or wastewater plant failure.
Please remember that having an updated, adopted LEOP is a prerequisite for certain State grants and funding programs. LEOPs must also be certified and signed by a Town or City Manager/Administrator or Council/Selectboard Chair; and that person must have taken either ICS 100 or 402 (you only need to take this once, not every year). ICS 100 can be taken online, and we are hosting an ICS 402 class here at CCRPC on Monday, March 20, 2017 from 2:00 - 5:00 P.M. Preregistration is required - contact DPS - EMHS Training to register.
Please feel free to contact Lee Krohn, CCRPC Senior Planner, for further information, or for assistance with updating your LEOP.
Social Community
Implementing ECOS Strategies 5, 6 & 8
CCV Community Forums on Immigration in Vermont and the US
Join CCV in the Learning Center (room 211B) each Monday from 5-6pm for conversations on immigration in Vermont and the United States. These ongoing conversations will explore the current challenges facing immigrant, refugee, and new American students -- and will also celebrate the many successes of recent immigrants attending CCV. This will be a supportive forum for faculty, staff, students and community members. A special focus of these conversations will be media literacy -- finding and evaluating sources of credible information, as well as additional resources for support.
Leadership Champlain Applications Accepted Through April 15
With retreats, full-day seminars, service projects, discussion groups and community tours, members explore critical community issues, examine themselves as leaders, and build relationships of trust and mutual understanding. Participants represent a diverse group of recognized and experienced leaders from across a wide variety of organizations representing the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Learn More »
Research Shows Parents Still #1 Influence on Teens' Decision Making 
Vermont parents know it's important to have conversations with their kids about alcohol and other drug use, but starting the conversation can be hard. Watch video tips from Vermont parents on how to keep teens on the right track when it comes to alcohol and other drug use at
Chittenden County Opioid Alliance February Newsletter
The Chittenden County Opioid Alliance publishes a monthly newsletter with relevant events, news, and other information. View the February issue » 
If you have any questions, feedback, or suggested content for upcoming issues, please contact Emma Vaughn, CCRPC Communications Manager: or (802) 846-4490 x *21.