May 2020
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CCRPC Calendar of Events

All upcoming meetings will be held REMOTELY until further notice. Information about joining remotely will be provided with every meeting agenda.


6/2, 9:00am: Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting

CANCELED 6/2, 11:00am: Clean Water Advisory Committee Meeting

CANCELED 6/2, 12:30pm:
Clean Water Advisory Committee MS-4 Sub-Committee Meeting

6/3, 5:45pm: CCRPC Executive Committee Meeting

6/9, 9:00am: CCRPC Local Emergency Planning Committee Meeting

6/10, 2:30pm: CCRPC Planning Advisory Committee Meeting

6/17, 6:00pm: CCRPC Annual Board Meeting ( Please Note: The gathering portion of the Annual Meeting has been canceled.)


Take the 2020 Census Today!

The 2020 Census is happening now. Please take 10 minutes today to respond online, by phone, or by mail.


United Way of Northwest Vermont COVID-19 COMMUNITY RESPONSE

United Way is dedicated to supporting our community members through the COVID-19 pandemic and the social and economic fallout that may result from it. To support all of our neighbors, United Way is working with its existing network of partnerships and the community at large to develop a comprehensive list of community-based services and volunteer opportunities updated on a daily basis.

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2019 ECOS Annual Report: The State of Chittenden County

In an effort to track progress made on all ECOS goals, the ECOS Partnership monitors 90+ indicators over the year and compiles the ECOS Annual Report: The State of Chittenden County, a summary that highlights a number of regional trends and accomplishments.

The 2019 Annual Report is the sixth edition. For the fifth year in a row, highlighted trends and data are displayed visually in an infographic.

CCRPC  Board of Directors FY20 Membership

Bolton: Sharon Murray

Buel's Gore: Garret Mott

Burlington: Andy Montroll

Charlotte: Jim Donovan

Colchester: Jacqueline Murphy

Essex: Jeff Carr

Essex Junction: Dan Kerin

Hinesburg: Michael Bissonette

Huntington: Barbara Elliott

Jericho: Catherine McMains

Milton: Tony Micklus

Richmond: Bard Hill

Shelburne: John Zicconi

St. George: Jeff Pillsbury

So. Burlington: Chris Shaw

Underhill: Brian Bigelow

Westford: Allison Hope

Williston: Chris Roy

Winooski: Mike O'Brien (Chair)

For more information,  click here.

Charlie Baker, Executive Director

Dan Albrecht, Senior Planner

Pam Brangan, GISP, GIS Data & IT Manager

Jason Charest, PE, Senior Transportation Planning Engineer

Eleni Churchill, Transportation Program Manager

Forest Cohen, Senior Business Manager

Bryan Davis, AICP, Senior Transportation Planner

Marshall Distel, Transportation Planner

Chris Dubin, Transportation Planner

Christine Forde, AICP, Senior Transportation Planner

Amy Irvin Witham, Business Office Associate

Regina Mahony, AICP, Planning Program Manager

Melanie Needle, Senior Planner

Taylor Newton, Senior Planner

Sai Sarepalli, PE, Transportation Planning Engineer

Emma Vaughn, Communications Manager

For bios and contact information,  click here.

Good morning,
The CCRPC's FY2021 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) and Budget were adopted by the CCRPC Board at its meeting on May 20. The UPWP is our annual work program that describes our activities and specifies the deliverables for the next year (July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021).
Some new local and regional project highlights from the FY21 UPWP are listed below. This is a partial list only; for full details and a complete list of FY21 projects and programs, as well as a breakdown of annual funding data for specific project categories, click here.
  • Bolton
    • Municipal Planning/Zoning Assistance | Assisting the Town of Bolton in updating its Municipal Plan and zoning bylaws, and updating the Town inventory of capital infrastructure data.
  • Burlington
    • School District School Travel Plan and Traffic Control Plan | Assisting the City of Burlington in completing a School Travel Plan and Traffic Control Plan for all elementary, middle, and high schools in the Burlington School District.
    • Property Transportation Plans: Reducing Transportation Emissions in Commercial and Multi-Unit Sectors | Developing a replicable Property Transportation Plan template that seeks to reduce vehicle miles traveled and transportation emissions in Burlington's commercial and affordable multi-unit sectors.
    • Winooski Avenue Corridor Study (Phase 3) | During Phase 3 of this study, a comprehensive Parking Management Plan for North Winooski Ave/Old North End will be conducted and based on the outcomes of this effort, short-term recommendations will be developed for the corridor.
  • Colchester
    • Exit 17 Park & Ride Supplemental Evaluation | A supplement to the Grand Isle County Park & Ride Scoping Study completed recently by the Northwest RPC and VTrans, this evaluation will focus on traffic and safety analyses of a potential state-owned and operated Park & Ride site at Jasper Mine Road in Colchester (Exit 17). The study will also include coordination with Colchester and Milton on this potential Park & Ride.
  • Huntington
    • Land Use Regulations and Water/Wastewater & Planning | Assisting the Town of Huntington in establishing a work plan for Village wastewater/water; grant writing and administration.
    • Bridge Improvement & Maintenance Plan | Assisting in the development of a Capital Plan for repair and maintenance of Huntington's 30 bridges and major culverts to guide ongoing maintenance and repair or replacement of necessary elements.
  • Jericho
    • Official Map | Developing an official map for the Town of Jericho that will focus on increasing multi-modal connections between Riverside and Jericho Corners village centers, with the Commercial District in between; paths and trails to connect areas of Town, including schools and village centers.
    • Jericho Bolger Hill Road Supplemental Scoping | This project builds on a feasibility study and will further evaluate its results by conducting a survey, investigating impacts to environmental resources, and drafting conceptual plans to more accurately develop cost estimates for stormwater improvements at Bolger Hill.
  • Milton
    • Phosphorus Control Plan | Assisting the Town of Milton in preparing an initial town-wide Phosphorus Control Plan to achieve a level of phosphorus decrease equivalent to the reduction targets required for Milton's developed lands as put forth in the Lake Champlain TMDL.
  • Richmond
    • Bike/Ped Master Plan | Assisting the Town of Richmond in creating a master plan to guide the establishment of a Complete Streets network.
    • Bridge Street Complete Streets Corridor Study | The Bridge Street Complete Streets Corridor Study is the planning portion of a project to upgrade Bridge Street-the primary social, commercial, and transportation node of the Town located in the heart of Richmond Village-into a Complete Street.
  • Shelburne
    • Bicycling & Pedestrian Connectivity Study | Assisting the Town of Shelburne in a study that results in an implementable plan to improve bike and ped connectivity in the town.
  • South Burlington
    • Planning Technical Assistance | Assisting the City of South Burlington with planning and land use tasks.
    • Multi-Site Intersection Scoping | Assisting with evaluating alternatives for 2-3 roadway intersections that the city has identified as being likely candidates for upgrades in the coming years due to city objectives and/or new development.
  • Westford
    • Water/Wastewater Planning | Assisting the Town of Westford in grant writing and administration of funding.
  • Williston
    • Form-Based Code for Williston's Growth Center | Assisting the Town of Williston in the development of a form-based code for its state-designated Growth Center.
    • Williston Route 2A Connector Path Scoping Study | Assisting with a scoping study to evaluate and identify the preferred alignment for a path connection along Beaudry Lane to Route 2A, then parallel to Route 2A to the Vermont State Employee's Credit Union. Once constructed, the path will connect Essex to Taft Corners.
  • Winooski
    • Parking Inventory, Analysis, and Management Plan | Assisting the City of Winooski in continuing efforts of the 2017 Downtown Parking Plan and developing a parking needs inventory and analysis, and management plan.
  • Bicycle Count Program Evaluation & Data Analysis | A collaborative effort between CCRPC and the UVM TRC, this project will update the 2017 Active Transportation Plan priority recommendations and develop a comprehensive bicycle count program for the CCRPC that will assist in bicycle planning in the future.
  • Close the Gaps in Regional Bike Facilities | This effort by CCRPC staff will focus on identifying proposed off-road transportation links that can be used to close existing gaps of on-road bike and ped facilities in order to enhance network connectivity and improve safety of bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Transportation Energy Planning and Transportation Electrification Support | This task includes CCRPC staff activities on transportation/energy planning and fleet electrification support, including working with VEIC on: Municipal energy planning assistance; consumer engagement and marketing programs to support electric vehicle adoption; workplace and multi-family charging infrastructure resources and development.
  • Transportation Demand Management | Support and assistance to CATMA, CarShare Vermont, and Local Motion; support for the annual Way to Go! Challenge in partnership with VTrans.
  • Neighbor Rides Senior & Persons with Disabilities Ride Share Program; Elderly & Disabled Transit Service Review (Phase 2) | Identify improvement opportunities for the current volunteer driver program supporting SSTA's paratransit services while also exploring opportunities for greater collaboration.
  • Ash Tree Inventory in Public Right-of-Way | Regional Right-of-Way Ash Tree inventory in preparation for development of Emerald Ash Borer Infestation Response Plans for participating municipalities.
For more information, visit our Annual Work Plan webpage.
As we all venture outside a bit more to enjoy the warmer temperatures, we encourage everyone to continue to monitor and follow the Vermont Department of Health daily updates and safety guidelines. We also continue to regularly update our list of Chittenden County municipal response to COVID-19, which can be found here.
Stay safe, healthy, and enjoy the sunshine!
Best regards,

Charlie Baker
Executive Director, CCRPC
Of Note
Chittenden County Census Response Rate is Only 70%; Vermont is only 51% Overall. Take the Census Today!
The 2020 Census is happening now. You can respond online, by phone, or by mail. The Census counts every person living in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and five US Territories. Results from the 2020 Census will be used to direct billions of dollars in federal funds to local communities for schools, roads, and other public services, as well as help our communities prepare to meet transportation and emergency readiness needs. Take the Census »
CCRPC Annual Meeting Update
The CCRPC will hold its 2020 Annual Meeting as scheduled on June 17 (remotely), but due to COVID-19, the social gathering portion of the event has been canceled .
Municipal Response to COVID-19
The CCRPC is working with member municipalities to compile one list of municipal government response to COVID-19. This list is updated regularly. Learn More »
Implementing ECOS Strategy 2
Way to Go! End of Year Recognition
Many of you have continued your walking, biking and rolling during these challenging times, and others are rediscovering the joy and benefits of active movement. To recognize schools that participated in the 2019/2020 Way to Go! School Challenge, please take five minutes to report activities on our  Activity Report Form before Sunday, June 7th. Also, share any special stories you might have here: Submit Your Story. All schools that send us results will be recognized for Outstanding Achievement for Participation in the 2020 Way to Go! Challenge. As a thank you for reporting your results and stories (do the best you can), we'll send you a package of Darn Tough Socks and reflective shoelaces.
VTrans Seeks Public Comment on Automated Vehicle Testing Permit Guidance and Application
In an effort to hear from affected parties and the public, the Vermont Agency of Transportation is seeking comments on the Draft of the Automated Vehicle Testing Permit Guidance and Application. The Guide implements the AV Testing Act and describes the process and requirements to obtain a permit to test automated vehicles on state and town highways in Vermont. The Guide is intended for use by applicants who are seeking a permit to test automated vehicles on public roads in Vermont and municipalities that are considering allowing testing on town highways under their jurisdiction. It also serves as a guide to the Vermont Traffic Committee, whose approval is required for all automated vehicle test permits in the state, in its deliberations over specific permit applications Learn More »
Burlington Wayfinding Study for Municipal Garages: Give Your Input!
This short questionnaire is designed to gather opinions about parking conditions at the three municipal garages - Marketplace, Lakeview, and College Street - and gain a better understanding of the publics' travel behaviors who frequent Downtown Burlington's restaurants and retail establishmentsTake the Survey »
VTrans 2020 Bicycle and Pedestrian Grant Program Delayed
Due to uncertainty caused by COVID-19, the grant solicitation for new projects will need to be delayed until more is known. Learn More »
2020 VT Walk/Bike Summit Postponed to October 16
Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the VT Walk/Bike Summit is postponed until October 16, 2020. The event website will be updated when more details are available.
More Transportation Projects & Updates
For a full list of transportation projects, visit the CCRPC Transportation Advisory Committee website; a full project list is provided in every TAC agenda and is updated regularly. View the latest TAC agenda »
Implementing ECOS Strategy 1
COVID-19 Business Impacts in Vermont
ACCD wants to hear from all Vermont businesses impacted by the response to the COVID-19 virus. Please share these impacts via the ACCD Business Impact Form, which will help assess the full impact as we work toward solutions. Learn More »
Chittenden County Brownfields Program Accepting Applications
If you own or wish to develop a property that is contaminated or suspected to be contaminated, please apply. To get started, read the information on different types of assistance and fill out and send us a site nomination/assistance request form. Learn More »
Energy & Natural Resources
Implementing ECOS Strategies 3 & 4
Green Up Day is This Saturday, May 30
Green Up Day is a special day in Vermont when thousands of volunteers get involved in a community wide spring clean up of roadside litter. It is the largest statewide volunteer event in Vermont with over 22,500 taking part, and the longest running statewide Green Up Day in the United StatesLearn More »
Efficiency Vermont Recycling Program
Free up space at home, keep harmful materials out of landfills, and save on your electric bill. For a limited time, you can get cash back and free no-contact pickups of window air conditioners, dehumidifiers, standalone freezers, and secondary refrigeratorsLearn More »
Flow Blog: Tactical Basin Planning Subgrants to RPCs Support Spirited Conversations on Planned Clean Water Service Providers
With support from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and other RPCs have been conducting outreach to explain VTDEC's recent RFP for the selection of Clean Water Service Provider for seven watershed basinsLearn More »
Webinar: Snoozing Your Building and Saving Money: Energy Efficiency Tips During COVID-19 and Beyond
The Burlington 2030 District moderated this May 6th webinar hosted by the Burlington Resource and Recovery Center, featuring Mayor Weinberger and panelists from Burlington Electric Department. Learn More »
Rain Barrel Workshop: August 15
Join us this August for a Build-Your-Own Rain Barrel Workshop in Essex with the Rethink Runoff Stream Team. Rain barrels  to "slow the flow" of stormwater to help keep Lake Champlain clean and provide you with water for washing tools or irrigating flower beds. Registration is $40. Learn More »
Quality of Place
Implementing ECOS Strategy 2
The ABCs of ADUs Webinar: June 4
AARP Vermont and HomeShare VT are co-sponsoring a free informational webinar with housing experts and Burlington Planning & Zoning staff on Thursday, June 4th from 12-1pm.  The webinar will address the benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), share architectural design ideas, the latest zoning regulations passed by Burlington City Council, and the steps required to get an ADU permitted and built in the City of Burlington.   Learn More »
Emergency Management
Implementing ECOS Strategy 2
Vermont Emergency Management Website
The Vermont Emergency Management website is a useful resource during this time. View the Governor's latest Executive Orders, a variety of public and health resources, and more at
Vermont Alert
VT-ALERT is the state system that notifies Vermonters of emergency situations, weather alerts, road information, and more. Register for a free account at .
Social Community
Implementing ECOS Strategy 2
Statewide Opportunities to Volunteer & Donate
If you want to find a way to help, there are many opportunities. At the state level, there is now a central website where Vermonters can volunteer:
Community Health Centers of Burlington Offers Telehealth Expansion
Beginning the week of March 16, 2020, the Communitity Health Centers of Burlington took swift action to more broadly provide telehealth visits for medical, behavioral health and psychiatric services in response to COVID-19. By mid-May, telehealth visits are now accounting for almost 85% of total scheduled visits. This is particularly important for vulnerable patients with underlying chronic conditions who are already at higher risk for severe COVID-19- related complications. Learn More » 
If you have any questions, feedback, or suggested content for upcoming issues, please contact Emma Vaughn, Communications Manager: or (802) 846-4490 x *21.