A Note from Scott and Marsha
October 14, 2021
Y'all. We are seriously half way through October, still "enjoying" the 80's here and only a short 9 WEEKS from Christmas!! There I said it. Nine weeks to Christmas followed up with, "What the heck!" And what happened to fall weather?? I swear, if we jump from summer to winter with 5 days of fall-like weather, I cannot be held responsible for my attitude.  

Last Friday, Scott wandered into my office with a red solo cup and immediately, I asked, "What's that???"  

Unfortunately, it was not a tasty beverage but a candy corn snack mix. I passed on it after realizing the fun orange candy was malt balls. Gag. He wanted just a few and was passing them out in the office. We share all the things around here. 

Earlier in the week, a friend gave me a container of caramel-milk chocolate covered almonds. Anyone that brings chocolate to me is a very, very good friend actually. I wanted to share them with everyone so I would not be tempted to eat the entire box in one afternoon.  

Nick and AmberLeigh share a workspace (how cute are they above?) and I often hear them chatting away and having all the fun. They are actually fun to listen to and I often think, Oh to be young again!

I left for an appointment and Nick and AmberLeigh were enjoying the chocolate. Apparently after a few minutes of AmberLeigh clearing her throat multiple times, Nick asked her, "Are you okay?"  

She replies, "I think so. I don't think I'm allergic to almonds, but since I'm allergic to pretty much everything, it might explain why I'm having trouble breathing and clearing my throat."  

This story was relayed to me when Scott was passing out the candy corn snacks. AmberLeigh says to me, "Marsha! You tried to kill me this week."  

As she tells the story, Nick pipes in from the other room to also say, "Keep in mind that after AmberLeigh said she might be allergic and can't breathe, she actually ate a few more!"  

AmberLeigh can't deny it. Not only is she like the rest of us and addicted to chocolate, she is also addicted to houseplants. Aren't we all .... am I right? We are addicted to all the things green and orange this time of year. We simply cannot get enough!  
Friday, October 15 2021

Mark your calendars!
Enjoy extended Shopping Hours!
Sterling Scott will provide Live Music!

We're looking forward to an awesome night!
Free Admission! Just bring a chair or blanket.
The Potting Shed seating fills up quickly :)
Buy 6 or more 6-packs OR 18 or more 4-inch pansies
and receive
Croton are some of the most colorful houseplants out there! We love they can add the perfect fall color, both indoors and out (well, at least until the cold temps arrive). Make sure your Croton can receive bright light. The soil will need to stay evenly moist, so be sure to make a watering schedule (which we hope you already have if you are a houseplant parent :) )!
Mariah has been busy finding, buying and putting away gorgeous terra cotta pots! While we have the traditional deep orange terra cotta, we also have pots in creams and browns! They come in pots as small as 2-inches up to 65 gallons! Terra cotta is an excellent choice for outdoor containers or houseplants!
These hard-to-find stunning specimens are ideal for a small spot in your garden or landscape. Growing only to 8 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide, the Weeping Pussy Willow is easy to grow and prune to your liking. The lovely blooms that look like and are as soft as kitten paws are perfect for cuttings alone or as an addition to a bouquet! Plant in full or part sun in a moist spot for best success!
Saturday, October 16, 10AM
Create a colorful fall container garden that you can show off all season long! Learn simple techniques and unleash your creativity. Select your favorite colors with greenery and flowers to create that stunning “fill, spill, THRILL” look to complete your fall aesthetic!
Fee is $50/person – includes all necessary supplies and materials
Registration without payment will be disregarded.
Presenter: Debbi Barrett, FGS Plant Coach
Meet Cameron Robinson!
Role: FGS Cashier
Started at FGS: March 2021
Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's Phish Food
Favorite Movie: Monty Python
Last Book Read: Why Buddhism is True, Robert Wright
Plant: Sansevieria Trifasciata
Food: Nachos
Restaurant: Orient Garden

Cameron is just about as sweet as he can be and always ready to chat or help however needed. He is a delightful cashier who takes excellent care of every customer he encounters. His friendly disposition makes him easy to talk to and be around. He is such an awesome cashier that he even trains new ones! When he isn't busy working, Cameron loves gaming with his bros! You won't have to say hi to Cameron, cause chances are, he'll say hi to you first! :)
Plant Tip of the Week:
Care for Your Mums
You have your porch decorated with all the mums and pumpkins and the neighbors are way jelly. Keep it that way by making sure you are adequately watering your mums. We water daily! They do need to be in full-sun for the happiest mums. You can deadhead if you want to, but many people choose not to. You do you!
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