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Escape the cold and come to the L'More Chocolat Kitchen and Tasting Table for a one of a kind experience!

Thursday, February 21
6:00-7:30 PM
$35 per person

Includes beverages and selection of Chocolate Tasting Samples to share at home.
Trouvez Votre Chocolat
(Find Your Chocolate)
Are you a white, milk, or dark chocoholic?

Come learn about the origins of each of the more commonly known types of chocolate, understand the nuances between the 38%, 64%, 70% and 85% chocolates and find which one you will never forget…and cannot live without.

Have you ever read the detailed label of a wine bottle, and then start to taste it before it even hits your lips? In a similar way, this class will help you learn the many undiscovered flavors within chocolate, and appreciate that there can be blackberry notes or other descriptors that differentiate what might appear to be three or the four types of chocolate, but in reality are actually dozens
The Making of the L’More Artisan Heart Truffle

Want to give a most special gift for Valentine's Day? Give the gift of an experience in our Chocolate Kitchen!
Have you ever wondered how we hand make the heart shaped artisan truffles that mesmerize our patrons in more than 30 different European inspired flavors?
By popular demand, come learn the four step process of making these one of a kind chocolates! Together we will temper the French chocolate shell, prepare the rich creamy ganache with your favorite flavor, and then pipe the molten ganache into the shells and top off with one last layer of chocolate before dusting with a glittering shimmer of color. 

Thursday, February 7
6:00-8:30 PM
$50 per person

Includess beverages and Gift Box selection truffles made in class

Thursday, February 14 6:00-7:30 PM
$35 per person

Includes beverages, generous truffle pairings, and special Valentine's Dessert with take home guide to pairings
Flutes, Flights and Truffles Pairings
Don’t stay home alone, join us for Valentine's Happy Hour!

At L’More Chocolat, we believe that the many varieties of chocolate are as unique as all the different beers, wines and even champagne.

We have joined with local experts to help create an evening of flights around the world – Beers, Wines and Champagne flights paired with unique flavors of truffles and chocolate that bring out the spicy, floral and nutty notes in an evening of fun.


Saturday, February 9 (Morning)
10:00-12:00 PM
$40 per person

Includes beverages and take home box of chocolate treats made in class
Willy Wonka Chocolate River Party
Willy Wonka himself said it best....
“Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination
Take a look, and you’ll see, into your imagination
We’ll begin, with a spin, traveling in, the world of my creation
What we’ll see, will defy explanation.”
Celebrate a birthday or any other special occasion with friends making chocolate in the L’More Chocolat kitchen. Make a date with the L’More Chocolat Chocolatier and let the kids see how chocolate turns from solid to liquid and runs through our Italian machines. Create your own special chocolate shaped treats to take home in a keepsake package!
Ladies Night Out

Have you ever wondered how we make the chocolate champagne bottles, or Cinderalla chocolate slippers?

Come to the kitchen and pick the type of sculpture you would like to make in chocolate and we will walk you through the entire chocolate molding process. Learn about chocolate tempering and the history of chocolate molds.

Thursday, January 31
6:00-7:30 PM
$35 per person

Includes beverages and hand decorated chocolate sculpture of your choice
All classes will be held with a minimum of 6 participants.
Interested in planning a private event?
Call the shop to schedule a private party and customize the celebration as a one of a kind personalized chocolate experience, in our shop or at your location!
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