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May 28th, 2019

When: Sat. June 1st from 10am-5pm
Where: BHS Gym

For more information:
Jazz Alley Tonight
Enjoy our Ballard performing arts jazz musicians at Jazz Alley, tonight at 7pm. Get tickets HERE.

Auditions For Everyone: Here are current student and incoming freshman details for all 3 music programs. Audition information for next year can be found here:  www.ballardperformingarts.org

Save BPA
 Every donation helps. Don't forget to check with your employer to see if they have a donation matching program. To read more about why we need to raise this amount and more details visit our  fundraising site

Fiddle Showcase
The BPA Fiddle Ensemble will play along with local groups The Mightly Dreadful and Hot Cider. The showcase is June 7th at 7pm. Stay for the square dancing at the The Ballard Homestead. Tickets are available in  advance for $10 through this link or $12 at the door.
Uniform Check in
Concert uniform check in will be after each concert. Check in will be in the gym hallway outside the band room. Students need to bring a change of clothes and return their uniform at the end of the concert. Be sure all pieces checked out to you are in the garment bag.
  • 5/30 Choir Concert: All Seniors and all Treble Choir students
  • 6/5 Orchestra Concert: All students 
  • 6/6 Band Concert: All Seniors, Concert Band Students and Symphonic Band
  • All students performing at graduation will turn in their uniforms immediately after graduation at Memorial Stadium. Students will need to bring a change of clothes to graduation and change in the locker rooms. Your uniforms will be collected outside the locker room.
  • Percussion students are not performing at graduation.

We need volunteers to help after every concert to check in uniforms. 
For tux check in please contact:    Patty Maier    
For skirt and dress check in please contact:  Nanci Murphy    
  • New Band Reps
  • Auditions
  • Spring Concert
  • Chaperones Invite for '19/'20
We had an awesome trip to Vancouver. Our orchestras and choirs had incredible musical performances at the Vancouver Heritage Festival, and walked away with numerous awards:
Chamber Orchestra: Gold Award
Symphonic Orchestra: Gold Award
Concert Choir: Gold Award - 1st place
Advanced Chorale: Gold Award - 3rd place Instrumental Sweepstakes Award
Concert Choir and Chamber Orchestra: Adjudicator Awards (scored above 95 with all judges)
8 Instrumental Maestro Awards
AND . . . 
Overall Festival Sweepstakes Award!!

Spring Concert: 6:30 pm  Call time for AC and CC,  7:00  Call time for TC. Reserved seating is available for a donation for our Spring Concert this Thursday, May 30th. Get a great seat HERE. We also need baked goods donated for our bake sale.

Vocal Jazz Night: June 4th at 7:30pm Vocal Jazz performs in the Black Box. Come hear vocal jazz present an evening of jazz standards accompanied by the professional group, the Ev Stern Jazz Trio. 

Treble Choir Tour: June 6th the Treble Choir is touring during school hours. We need driving chaperones. Please contact Felicia to sign up.  

Audition Information: Choir Placement Auditions are the week of June 10th during class. If you know someone NOT in class, who is interested in choir have them email Ms. Rowley . Vocal Jazz auditions are June 18th. Here is more information.

Spring Concert: Reserved seating is available for a donation for our Spring Concert on May 30th. Get a great seat HERE . We also need baked goods donated for our bake sale.
Scheduled Events: May 28th, 30th, June 3rd, 4th: Chamber Orchestra Concerto rehearsals after school 3:45pm - 4:45pm in the Orchestra Room. Don't miss any of the orchestra's upcoming events and performances with the current calendar .

Spring Concert Concerto: Our annual tradition continues with the concerto portion of the Spring Orchestra Concert on June 5th. This concert highlights 3 students as soloists in their chosen piece of music. If you are a member of the wind or percussion for these pieces you need to attend the mandatory rehearsal. See rehearsal schedule HERE .

'19/'20 Audition Update: Auditions for the 2019/20 school year will be June 17th in class and June 18th and 19th after school. More info and music selections will posted on the BPA website.
Thespian Cabaret Night

May 29th

Featuring Diego Ortiz Villacorta San Juan on piano

Admission by donation

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