We're now accepting donations to help fund Chongo's very expensive surgery. We need your help to reach our goal, and any amount makes a difference!
Our young, playful Chongo injured his right hind leg and needs surgery. His injury is called ACL which is a ruptured ligament in his knee. We hoped that it would heal itself and had him on 2 months of cage rest but poor Chongo is still limping. All he wants is to be able to run and play. Surgery is the only way for him to enjoy life to the fullest again. The healing process takes up to 6 weeks during which he will need 6 separate laser therapies to speed up the healing.                                
We need to raise $2000 to pay for his surgery.
Please help Chongo to have his normal life back! No amount is too small and every penny is so appreciated and needed!

Donate now
You can make your donation online or you can mail a donation to Paw Parent by printing out this e-mail and sending it along with a check made payable to Paw Parent and mailing to: 44032 Quarter St., Lancaster, CA 93536 
Thank you so much!

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