Spring 2017
Meet Choo Choo 
We love Choo Choo! This amazing kitty disappeared from her home four weeks ago, in the middle of the unrelenting rainy weather we were having. Her owners had almost given up hope of seeing her again when she re-appeared five days later on their doorstep. Although she limped inside on her own power, she had sustained severe injuries to her left front foot. Her toes were unrecognizable due to the swelling, blood and myiasis. Tendons and ligaments were shredded beyond repair, and portions of her two middle toes (the weight-bearing and most important) were gone.

Though it was the middle of the night, Choo Choo's owners immediately took her to the emergency clinic, where the veterinarian was concerned that she was going to face amputation of her leg due to the severity of her wounds and tissue damage...

Kitty Stay-cation
Summer is here, a time many of us travel, spend our weekends camping or work on home remodel projects. While some of us take our feline friends along with us on our excursions, it is not always possible to include them in our plans.

It is best to plan ahead to find a trusted pet-sitter, or a boarding facility and now is an excellent time to start researching the best options for your feline family. There are many choices in boarding facilities, but not all facilities offer the same quality when it comes to the care your cats receive.

When you board at Cats Exclusive, you will have peace of mind knowing that your cats have a veterinary team here to provide the best possible care to keep your cats safe, happy and enriched while you are away.

In addition to the wonderful care your cats will receive, our townhouse boarding suites are designed specifically with cats in mind. We have multi-level units that can accommodate more than one cat, as well as special units for cats who may not be as active. We also have add-on options to provide individualized attention, such as playtime, brushing sessions and toenail trims.
  • Six-level townhouse boarding suites for cats to rest, climb and explore
  • Skilled professional staff who provide personal attention
  • Luxury accommodation perks, like playtime, brushing sessions and pedicures
  • Bird and gerbil videos to entertain predatory boarders
  • Glass doors for people watching
If you have a cat with medical needs, you can feel confident that their medications will be given as requested. We closely monitor their weight and appetite and if any concerns should arise, our Cats Exclusive veterinarians are right here to provide medical attention.

Whether you're looking for comfy place for your cats to stay while you camp at Mount Rainer for the weekend, or are needing the security of an extended stay while refinishing your floors, we're happy to host your cats. If you would like to book your cats' stay with us, please call to make arrangements or come and tour our townhouse boarding facility. We look forward to having your cats as our VIP guests.

What is 'Whisker Stress'?  
A cat's whiskers, AKA vibrissae, are very sensitive and provide your cat with detailed sensory feedback about their environment. If those senses become over-stimulated, it may cause whisker stress, which can affect their eating habits.

Your cat may seem to be a finicky or picky eater, but in reality it could be sensitive to their whiskers touching the sides of their bowl.

Some common signs of this sensitivity are:
  • Scooping the food out of the bowl onto the floor
  • Taking a few bites and walking away and then coming back
  • Leaving the bottom or side layer of food in the bowl most of the time
A simple solution to reduce or eliminate whisker stress is to switch their food and water dishes to flatter, wider-style bowls. You can find many options of whisker-friendly cat bowls and dishes in our retail store.

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