Relocation Incentive partnership with Radius Indiana!

Radius Indiana in coordination with Orange County Economic Development and Dubois Strong is going to be offering a population growth incentive to qualified out-of-state individuals or families willing to relocate and remain within Orange county or Dubois County for a minimum of two years.

Orange County will be focusing on attracting veterans to relocate to the area while Dubois County will be focusing on attracting remote workers.

“We believe the rich variety of recreational opportunities and the quality of life and safety in our small cities and towns are going to appeal to any number of people when they discover this chance for an introduction to southern Indiana,” said Jeff Quyle, president and CEO of Radius Indiana. “We’re excited to help people learn more about our communities with the Choose Southern Indiana program.” 

In partnership with Radius Indiana we will be matching funds to provide an incentive to qualified applicants for the relocation program.

Orange County Requirements:

  • Military Veteran
  • Applicants must be younger than 45 years of age
  • Verification of Veteran Status, age, and new Orange County address required
  • Residency in Orange County must be maintained for a minimum of two years

Talent attraction and developing a workforce are very important roles in economic development. Recruiting individuals to relocate and move to our area will provide a variety of skills to build upon our already established workforce.

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