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Our earth-centered, multi-generational, participatory service on the cycles of our world through darkness and light is on  Sunday, December 18 at 4pm . There will be no morning service.

We're happy to announce that there will be a labyrinth walk as part of the service again this year. Please be prepared to wait for just a short time for your opportunity to walk the labyrinth. 
December 11, 9:30am
Individualism v. Individuality
How can we maintain our individuality and come together to create Beloved Community? Our Turning Point session tackles the false prophet of individualism while celebrating the concept of individuality. 
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December 11, 10:30am
Festival Sunday
This special Sunday features an all-ages participatory worship service and has a fun, festive atmosphere that includes activities such as ornament-making, singing in a pick-up choir, decorating the Sanctuary, meditation, acting in a Christmas skit, and making treats. 
December 18, 4:00pm
Soulful Solstice Service
In recognition of the imminent arrival of the longest night, we'll gather in the dark of the evening for this earth-centered, multi-generational service and candle lit labrynith walk. Please note there will be no morning services.

Saturday, December 24
Christmas Eve Services
This Christmas Eve we offer two joyous holiday celebrations: an early service at 6:30pm for children, families, and those who enjoy more active worship, along with a quieter, meditative, and musical service at 10:30pm. 
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WORSHIP plain_wreath_ribbon.jpg
Choose your own brand of festive cheer this Sunday in a participatory worship service: sing, bake, meditate, decorate, create, act, or green our Sanctuary. All ages will join together in this unique multi-generational service.
Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated and helped organize the
Holiday Fair this year.  It would never have  happened without so many people offering their help.  It is a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful community! - Dorothy, Janice, and Phyllis
For Unitarian Universalists, putting our faith into action is one important way that we live our values. First Universalist is deeply committed to welcoming New Mainers, refugees and asylum-seekers, to our state.  Please join in our efforts:
If you are experiencing a crisis, including needing a hospital visit, you may call Rev. Jennifer on her cellphone: 207.356.1467 any time. Please note that Friday and Saturdays are typically her days off - Rev. Jennifer does not check email on these days, but will answer any crisis or emergency calls.

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