Summer is officially here with the Summer Solstice taking place last Thursday. Vermont has a plethora of events going on all summer... Concerts & Shows, Farmers Markets, Festivals, Historical & Cultural Events and Nature. Each newsletter we will showcase a sampling of activities, but our intent is to connect you to interesting things not easily found and well off the beaten path... we want you to experience things you will continue talking about for years to come! 

2018 Pond Mountain Inn Photo Contest
And, the contest is on... several inquiries and four submittals!

The "tiny house" photo was taken on Lake Bomoseen – the largest lake that lies entirely within the state's boundaries, with a surface area of approximately 2,400 acres, and just 30 minutes from the inn!

First Prize : Two Person, Two Night Stay, Off Season, Non-Holiday.

First Runner-Up : Two Person, One Night Stay, Off Season, Non-Holiday.

Second Runner-Up : Four Course Dinner for Two at Pond Mountain Inn.

Saratoga Race Course

If you ask someone who’s spent a lifetime in the northeast they’ll tell you one of the top ten places to visit in the summertime is Saratoga Springs, or simply – Saratoga. 

Discover the convenience of our perfect location… Saratoga is just an hour away from the inn and offers great dining, historic parks, car shows, a car museum, the lake and, of course, the mineral springs – and there's so much more! A great city with a diversity of interesting things to do and see!!
Pond Hill Ranch Pro Rodeo Company
Castleton, Vermont
This Bull Got Away From These Two Cowboys!

Weekly rodeos every Saturday evening at 8pm through September 1, 2018.
This simply cannot be missed – we attend every year and it's just pure fun!

Thirty Minutes from Pond Mountain Inn!
(Updated From Last Newsletter)

Skeleton Crew . .. (July 19- August 4) Difficult times in 2008 Detroit as the Great Recession takes its toll on the one remaining auto plant and the possibility of foreclosure. A powerful story of the struggle between a makeshift family of coworkers and self-preservation. (Dorset Playhouse)

West Side Story ... (July 12 - August 4) An iconic American musical about Maria and Tony's fight to keep their forbidden love alive. One of the most celebrated musicals of all time! (Weston Playhouse Main Stage)

Fun Home ... (July 5 - 28) A groundbreaking five-time Tony Award Winner. Based on Vermont author Alison Bechdel's graphic novel. Meet Bechdel at three different life stages with her uniquely dysfunctional family. (Weston Playhouse Second Stage)

Visit their websites by clicking on underlined venues above.
I Just Love This Painting!

We briefly met Gail the other day, an elegant woman, keen on showing us her Manchester apartment where she lives with her husband. I was immediately taken with this painting and snapped a quick picture. Later, I asked about its origin… she said, matter-of-factly, “I painted it from a black and white image and added my own color – it’s Victorian.” I should have asked if she would consider selling it!!     
Dancing Ewe Farm Farm-to-Table Dining

Dancing Ewe Cheeses, Salumi and Market Products
In our previous two newsletters.... we mentioned that we discovered this exciting new farm-to-table dining experience! And, last Saturday we found out just how extraordinary. Just 15 minutes from Pond Mountain Inn!

Clicking on the photo above brings you to the evening's "photo essay".
Garden Club of Manchester's Annual Flower Show
It's incredibly difficult and time consuming to grow "the perfect flower".

Yellow Peony Bartzella ( Best in the Horticultural Division)

Pink Oriental Poppy 

Peony Fantastic (red with pink center)

Hoa Campbell Took Home Twenty First Place Blue Ribbons!!
Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens
South Deerfield, Massachusetts

This past winter Peggy & Rick, their children and grandchildren found this magical place two hours from Wells.

Thank you Peggy for sharing his beautiful Hibiscus photo with us. Now, just a thought, why not enter this photo into the Pond Mountain Inn Photo Contest?!?!

(Click on the photo to get to the Butterfly Conservatory's website.)
The Southern Vermont Arts Center

Faces of Champions • George Kalinsky, Legendary Sport Photographer

Opening Reception Saturday, June 30 from 4-6PM

George Kalinsky is a photographer. He has been the official photographer for Madison Square Garden since 1966 and also serves as the official photographer at Radio City Music Hall. In November 2010 the National Arts Club awarded him their Medal of Honor for Photography.

The show was only partially hung when I briefly met George Kalinsky – preview "the show" by clicking on the photo above to see some incredible photographs I captured!
Vermont Roadside Historic Markers

Unveiled in 1947 the Vermont Roadside Historic Site Marker program has proven an effective way to commemorate “things of significance” in Vermont. Over 250 cast-aluminum green markers, crested with the distinctive gold state seal, are placed throughout Vermont to commemorate diverse topics, including the birthplaces and homes of United States presidents and legislators, Red Sox players, and founders of world-famous organizations like Cadillac, Lincoln, Rotary International, and Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as homes of famous authors and artists the likes of Rudyard Kipling, Pearl S. Buck, Robert Frost, and Norman Rockwell.

We'll continue sharing interesting Roadside Historic Markers that we stumble upon..  
Lake St. Catherine Country Club – Open to the Public!

Dining on the deck at the Lake St. Catherine Country Club – close to the inn, open to the public, delightfully inexpensive, a wonderful dining alternative and then there's the view!
You Don't Need More Vacation Days – You Just Need Better Ones!
What makes a stay at Pond Mountain Inn memorable is the extraordinary personalized attention offered, beautiful interiors and our commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences. 

We'll have so much more to share with you as the summer gets underway!! Thank you always for reading our newsletter! Until next time...

All our best,
Kay and Glenn  

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