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Local businesses are facing talent challenges and demographic trends are not making things easier. This year's NLEA/DTE Energy Foundation Interns have a goal to market Northern Michigan as the place for 18- to 30-year-old individuals to come live, work, and play. Attracting this younger generation is integral to supporting a thriving workforce. To achieve this, the interns have been using social media and launching the Choose the North brand to promote the unique lifestyle our area has to offer. 

So far, interns have filmed over a dozen interviews with locals to showcase how they are living their best lives in Northern Michigan. The Gypsy Twins, Michael and Adam Kazanowski, are a perfect example. Not only are they the owners of the very successful Gypsy Spirits brand, but they are also heavily involved in our tight-knit community, sponsoring and volunteering at Dart for Art, Blissfest, the Friendship Center, and many more. 

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EGLE Grant Funds Local Water Improvements

On July 13, 2023, the City of Cheboygan and the Michigan Department of Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) held a press event to announce the completion of the new wastewater treatment plant. In attendance was Senator John Damoose, EGLE Deputy Director James Clift, Cheboygan Councilwoman Diane Mills, City Manager Dan Sabolsky, DPW Director Jason Karmol, and NLEA’s Community and Economic Development Coordinator, Chris Bauer.

The completion of the plant marks a major step forward in modernizing the water and wastewater system in the city, which will provide the area with the capacity to expand the area it serves. Over the next few years the city will be investing additional funds to add an additional water tower, and replace sewer lines to reduce infiltration and improve system performance. This will provide the foundation for additional economic and residential development in the Cheboygan and greater Cheboygan area. For additional information, please visit the link below to see EGLE’s official press release on the event.

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Rural Michigan Perspectives and Priorities


The Office of Rural Development housed within the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) are conducting an online survey. It is intended to gather feedback from rural residents, business leaders, and community leaders to identify the issues of greatest concern to rural communities across Michigan. Survey responses will be aggregated and reflected anonymously in a statewide report highlighting rural priorities.

Please consider filling out the survey to ensure that our region has a voice in setting the priorities of MDARD and, by extension, the state’s rural priorities too.

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NCMC Child Care Initiative

Did you know that there are approximately four children under the age of 12 for every child care spot available in Michigan? Those most affected by shortages are often heavily concentrated and rural areas, such as Emmet County.

In an effort to combat some of these challenges and meet the needs of parents and children, North Central Michigan College partnered with the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation to create the NCMC Child Care Initiative.

The initiative will seek solutions to the child care shortages in Emmet County in multiple phases. The research from phase one of the initiative is now available for viewing.

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2023 Prosperity Grant Award

Consumers Energy Foundation is currently seeking letters of intent from nonprofit organizations and municipalities for the 2023 Prosperity Awards. The Prosperity Awards will provide as much as $250,000 to two or more nonprofits aiming to support economic development and improve the welfare of whole communities in Michigan, with a particular focus on funding projects with long-term benefits. The letter of intent is the first step in a two-step application process that will result in the award of up to $250,000 in funding per recipient ($500,000 total).

This year, the foundation is accepting letters of intent in support of our Neighborhood Revitalization and Arts & Culture priorities. 

The deadline for submitting a letter of intent is 5:00 PM on August 11, 2023

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