Choosing Curriculum for Your Small Group 

Choosing a curriculum for your small group isn't always easy. Eric Metcalf, Adult Ministries Champion for
Community Christian Church in Chicago, recommends letting the uniqueness and overall mission of your group guide you in your decision. In this 2-minute clip, he offers practical suggestions for finding the right content for your small group.

Review a list of the members in your small group, and consider how your group is unique: 
  • What life stage are they in?
  • Where are they on their spiritual journey? 
  • What are their unique stories? 
Then, evaluate your curriculum choices based on your group. 

This Month's Resource: Recommended Curriculum

Below you'll find curriculum recommendations for your small group this fall. Additionally, small group curriculum (and sometimes daily devotionals, too!) coinciding with North Way's teaching series is available to you every week, and RightNow Media contains a channel called, " Recommended Small Group Curriculum," with even more hand-picked curriculum for small groups at North Way. 

RightNow Media allows you to stream biblical teaching to your small group via your TV, computer, or phone. If you need help setting up your account, simply email Amanda Seidler


Margaret Feinberg will be teaching at North Way on October 10-11 about fighting back with joy within a teaching series entitled, "Wonderstruck." Prepare for this series by leading your small group through one of Margaret's studies: 

Sessions: 7
Format: DVD, Book, Workbook

Through seven sessions filmed in the Canadian Rockies, explore the wonders of God as found in the Scripture. Your eyes will be opened to the wonder of God's presence, the wonder of friendship, the wonder of forgiveness, and so much more. If you dip into the five nights of homework each week (20 minutes or less), you'll find out just how much God is busting at the seams to display His power, glory, and might in your life.

Sessions: 6
Format: DVD, Book, Workbook

Through vulnerable storytelling, a difficult diagnosis, and a good dose of humor, Margaret Feinberg reveals how joy is more than whimsy. It's the weapon you can use to fight life's battles. No matter what your circumstances, you can practice defiant joy. When you do, you will embrace a life that's richer and fuller than you've ever known before - a life radiant with joy.

Reviewing Your Latest Study 

We'd love to hear what your small group is studying and what your group thought of the curriculum! Download, fill out, and email this Small Group Curriculum Review to Amanda Seidler. We'll collect reviews and post them to better help each other determine what to study. 

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