Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
Choosing flooring for your business

While price is always a factor, there are others that companies considering new or replacing old should keep in mind:

  • Down time – how much production time will be lost due to replacement/installation?
  • Maintenance – Will the floor be easy to maintain? Or will it require excessive manpower? Or, worse, will it have less of a lifespan because it’s not easy to clean?
  • Transportability – Can your flooring be moved from one location to another or is permanently affixed to the floor?
  • Green? – What’s the flooring made of? Does it require adhesives that possess potentially damaging chemicals?
  • Manufacturer – How long has the manufacturer been around? How are they viewed in the industry?

StaticStop designed our flooring with all these criteria in mind. It passed our test, but will it pass yours? Please call 508-583-3200 for more information or to order samples.

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The proper choice of flooring in a retail environment can provide aesthetic appeal and comfort to customers and employees, and in turn, deliver a more pleasant atmosphere. The floor is often known as “the fifth wall” of a room and should receive consistent maintenance. With studies proving that flooring can have an impact on a customer’s purchasing decision, choosing the right commercial flooring is more critical than ever.

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