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May 2019 Build Progress Update #.0039
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"We've opened multiple cans of worms on the trailer. After finding the first, we searched every inch for others and found them. We have replaced, reconditioned or rebuilt nearly everything, because it has to be 100% safe & sound or better." ~ Rod.
The original suspension hardware didn't want to budge. Kenny, Rod and the HD impact guns were needed to finish that step.
The following day, Rod finished removing the remaining air bags, torched out one damaged crossmember, fabricated a new one and welded it back in place.
Rod welded the new shock mounts and locating plates onto the three brand new axles.
Denny made the new shock mounts and continued his work on other machining projects.
New mounting hardware and axles are painted and ready for installation.
Jill finished wire brushing & sanding the tri axle area of the trailer frame. It was the last section that had remaining road grime and surface rust. After cleaning up the debris field, a coat of rust encapsulator was brushed on.
Parker and Jill teamed up to apply the final top coat of farm implement paint. Jessica also manned a brush, to assist them with a couple of sections of the 53ft long monster of a job!
Jill picked back up on the hauler interior project, where she left off last fall. The openings necessary, for the new windows, had to be located and cut into the original solid panels. 3 down 1 to go. New black dye will follow.
Rod also made time to mount the new passenger seat in the truck.
"Last night, I finished up our website redesign. It was due for a makeover, but it really needs some DD Funny Car action shots! We are getting closer to our goal every week and appreciate your interest in our build. Please take a look the new site." ~ Jill
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