Chora Link - Late January 2020

In this issue: SAVE MONEY - REGISTER NOW! Voices 21C program, American Spiritual Ensemble program, Friday Worship event honors those who recently passed away and Kegerreis awards.

JANUARY 30!!!!
Join us in Rochester in March.
Peggy Dettwiler,

ACDA Eastern Region President
Dear ACDA Eastern Region Members,

The EARLY REGISTRATION deadline is just a few days away.  REGISTER NOW!
EARLY REGISTRATION :  Closes at midnight on Wednesday, Jan. 29!  
ATTENDEE:  $265  RETIRED:  $215  STUDENT:  $100
REGISTRATION :   The prices increase on January 30!
ATTENDEE:  $335 RETIRED:  $295 STUDENT:  $150
ON-SITE REGISTRATION :   For those who can’t make up their mind yet!
ATTENDEE:  $400 RETIRED:  $350 STUDENT:  $200

OTHER :  One-day on site registration: $150 (Friday and Saturday)

Don’t miss what promises to be a wonderful convention! Here is the link for registration.
I offer some more information about what is in store for attendees!
The wonderful Boston-based chamber choir, VOICES 21C, will present a program entitled “We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest.” André de Quadros, professor of music at Boston University and well-known peace and justice activist, has constructed a three-part program covering Women’s Oppression and Triumphs, Forced Migration, and Race and Incarceration in the U.S. The choir is excited to be bringing in a formerly incarcerated rapper to collaborate with throughout their final set.
The dynamic American Spiritual Ensemble will be highlighting the black experience in their concert titled, “Every Time I Feel the Spirit.”  They will also appear in the worship event on Friday afternoon featuring spoken commentary by Eileen Guenther, author of the book “In Their Own Words: Slave Life and the Power of Spirituals.”   Alden Wright , an Eastman graduate student, will provide music on the church’s Fisk organ. During the service, there will be a time of reflection and acknowledgement of ACDA Eastern Region members who have passed away in the last two years. 
We are proud to award five collegiate scholarships from funds donated in honor of Dick Kegerreis (1918-2002) to help students attend the conference. The awardees are from five states!
Kathleen Morrisroe , Ithaca College, from Kinnelon, NJ
Genevieve Welch , Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
Ariel Wade , Castleton University, from Orwell, VT
Hattie Skvorak , Keene State College, from Buxton, ME
Clare Callahan , Western Connecticut State University, from Fairfield, CT
If you advise an ACDA student chapter, let your students know about the College Worker Program where they can receive up to $100 to support their attendance at this wonderful conference. The opportunity to work behind the scenes is also very educational!
Rochester is very accessible by air or rail, and it only takes about 15 minutes to travel from the airport to our downtown location! Visit the ACDA East website to view the schedule and select your track! 
Hope to see you in Rochester!
Peggy Dettwiler
We will see you at the conference!!!

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