We are excited to share selections from our program, i ka Piko: to Center that we shared at the 2020 ACDA Western Region Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The word piko means umbilical cord— the cord that connects a baby to its mother, the link to another generation, the physical link to all ancestors. We actualize this phenomenon in Hawaiian spaces of community in a circle, or where two communities face each other. In this space, we greet each other, restore and strengthen relationships, share our genealogies, clarify our intentions, and share the collective wisdom of our elders. In these spaces, piko becomes a cultural protocol that celebrates shared responsibility, establishes a reverence for our ancestors and the world around us, and instills pride in one’s cultural practice. 

As a Native Hawaiian ensemble, we share our piko—our center, our ancestors, our culture, and our shared values with you. In this program, we celebrate the chants and songs of our ancestors; we pay tribute to the stirring words from mana wahine (strong and inspiring women) of the Pacific, we acknowledge the sacredness of our hōnua (world) through mele (compositions) that honor the stories of our island home, and we share the voice of Native advocacy that call us to protect our resources, traditions, language, and songs.

E hele mai kākou! Join us!