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Dark truth about choreography theft

By Julia R. Zay

I read an article in Yallah magazine about a month before I released the Choreographer's Notebooks on choreography copyright and I was heartened to see the issue being taken seriously. I was also a little disappointed that it didn't go far enough. The information presented wasn't anything you wouldn't be able to learn from searching around on the internet for an hour or two. There are a few things that I would have liked the article to say and there are a few things that I think you all should know because this affects us all. 


Choreographer's Notebook


I have seen a lot of dancers get up in arms over choreographies that were ripped from YouTube clips verbatim. The argument I have seen presented is that we need to respect each other's intellectual property and not do things like that. Well ... there's a problem with that logic. Most of what you see in YouTube has not been submitted to copyright and therefore has no legal protection. It is sadly perfectly legal to rip choreographies off of YouTube, or wherever you may find them, if they have not been put through copyright. 


Yeah, shame on the dancers who steal because they should know that its wrong and just not do it. Human beings can be pretty rotten creatures sometimes. I love it when we're not; I far prefer it when people are honest, good natured and use common sense and common courtesy. But I strongly suspect that common sense was so named in irony because it seems that it is anything but common. But they also say you should not make yourself into a victim as well. Protect yourself. Don't post your current work where just anybody can see it and take it from you. And respect the legal process and copyright your work so that you have some legal leg to stand on. 


I have been sitting on this for about a year ever since I learned how limited the scope of protection for a dancer's intellectual property actually is. Not even DVDs are safe. If you film and produce your choreographies, package and market them on DVD and sell them and you did not submit a written form of your choreography to copyright, then it is pretty much open for theft. When a musician produces a song, said artist has to file a written copy of the lyrics as well as record the music in question. Dancers have to do the same. Its a two-part process and if you leave out the written part ... guess what! 


THAT is why I wrote the Choreographer's Notebooks. 


And you know what the really [crappy] part is? Most dancers are completely illiterate in choreography notation. Its like saying that you have to write an essay in a language you don't speak just so you can get credit for all the years you've poured into being a dancer. But its easy to fix and now you know. Protect yourself and live forever.

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Vending Schedule   
Lisa Zahiya 
Lisa Zahiya
APRIL 15-17:
Asheville Belly Dance Festival with Asharah, Onca O'Leary, Lisa Zahiya, Natalie Brown, Mahsati Janan, SamiTe, Sara Beaman, Kaitlyn & more in Asheville, NC   

MAY 12-16: Hoop Convergence in Carrboro, NC (vending Friday) 

MAY 26-30:
Najm al Danse Orientale festival with Tito Seif, Sharon Kihara, Tarik Sultan, Willow Chang & more hosted by Black Orchid Danse in Peachtree City, GA   


JUNE 17-19: Tribal Solstice with Anasma, Bozenka, Alicia of BellyCraft, & Daniela hosted by Lotus Dance Studio in Pembroke Pines, FL     

Rachel Brice 
Rachel Brice

AUG. 12-14: Rachel Brice hosted by Mecca Live Studio & Gallery & Rakadu Gypsy in Lexington, KY 


SEPT. 3-4: Mahmoud Reda hosted by Amani Jabril in Roswell, GA  

SEPT. 8-11: Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive with Jill Parker, Ariellah, Deb Rubin, Delilah, Cassandra Shore, Oreet & more in Las Vegas, NV   

SEPT. 16-18: The Essense of Belly Dance with Suhaila Salimpour
hosted by Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance in Atlanta, GA

OCT. 6-9:
TribOriginal with Kami Liddle, Mavi, Samantha Riggs, The Mezmer Society & many more in Asheville, NC (spot TBD)

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APRIL 9: Bollywood Dance & Hip Hop Fusion with Lisa Zahiya hosted by  Floorspace & Sulukule in Athens, GA

APRIL 16: Mavi hosted by Awalim in Atlanta, GA

APRIL 22-23: Bellydance Ballyhoo! with Onca O'Leary hosted by Khalima in Richmond, VA

APRIL 22-24: Rachel Brice hosted by Zanzibar Studio in Chattanooga, TN

APRIL 28-MAY 1: Elevation with Rachel Brice, Amel Tafsout, Sera Solstice, Dalia Carella, Frank Farinaro & many more, hosted by Evergreen Tribal Arts in Golden, CO

APRIL 29-MAY 1: Mesmera hosted by Nomadic Tapestry  in Florence, AL

MAY 1: Shimmy Mob flash mob in Atlanta hosted by Beledi Boutique & other team leaders internationally!

MAY 7-8:
 United Bellydance League Conference with Mavi, Maysameh, Annie & Daveed Korup hosted by Rising Sun Tribe in Morganton, NC

MAY 7-8: Yousry Sharif hosted by Alexia in Knoxville, TN

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APRIL 9: Bollywood & Hip Hop Fusion Show with Lisa Zahiya in Athens, GA

APRIL 13: Atlanta Shimmy Mob section one (cabaret) choreography class from 8-9 p.m. in Johns Creek, GA

APRIL 15: Asheville Belly Dance Festival opening show in Asheville, NC

APRIL 20: Atlanta Shimmy Mob section two (tribal) choreography class from 8-9 p.m. in Johns Creek, GA

APRIL 27: Atlanta Shimmy Mob section three (full group) choreography class from 8-9 p.m. in Johns Creek, GA. Final mandatory group rehearsal date & time TBD.

MAY 27 or 28: Najm al Danse Orientale festival show hosted by Black Orchid Danse in Peachtree City, GA

JUNE 12: Sherar annual show in coordination with Jahara Phoenix Dance Company in Lilburn, GA

JUNE 18: Tribal Solstice festival show hosted by Lotus Dance Studio in Fort Lauderdale, FL

JUNE 25: Troupe Appreciation Show hosted by Jendayi in Marietta, GA