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April 2017
Message From The CEO
D ear Friends, Clients and Colleagues,  
March proved to be a very exciting time of growth and recognition for us at Chosen Payments.  When I use the term "recognition", it not only applies to an award bestowed up on me at the recent International Limousine Show but the acquisition of some new strategic partners. I believe those new partners recognized the value we bring to their associations as well as their members.

I was very humbled to receive an Award of Excellence from LCT Magazine, the organizers of the limousine conference.  The award was presented at the largest global annual awards night for limousine operators.  Think of it as the Academy Awards program for the limo industry.  I was recognized by the magazine for "Outstanding contributions to the chauffeured transportation industry".  The contributions symbolize our true commitment to our mantra, Your Partner In Success.  For us, we are committed to being much more than a credit card processor.  We want to contribute to the membership growth of the many associations we serve.  We want to contribute to educational programs. We want to sponsor fundraising events and roll up our sleeves and actively participate.  It isn't just about throwing money towards causes and support.  It's about making things happen for the benefit of the thousands of merchants we serve.

As a measure of our own success, we recently partnered with the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) to provide processing services for the association, its members and all of the racing facilities they operate across the nation.  This is a huge testament to the impeccable service we offer, the exceptionally good rates we provide and the professionalism of our company.  I am again humbled by the trust and faith placed in us by NHRA to provide service for their members.  

Next month I will again travel to Las Vegas to speak at a chiropractor convention. This is another one of our vertical markets with more than 7,000 active members in a group who have also placed trust in Chosen Payments and invited me to speak at their educational conference.

As I accepted the award from LCT Magazine, I shared my sentiments with the audience that without my team, I am nothing.  It takes a collective effort of many people to provide the level of service we strive to achieve.  I am blessed to have a team spread from coast-to-coast that share my commitment to providing a customer service experience that exceeds expectations.  

I thank each of your for your support.  There is no higher compliment a business can receive than your referrals.  Each time I receive a referral from an existing merchant, I consider that to be another recognition of the service we provide.

Until Next Time,
Jeff Brodsly
Brodsly Receives LCT Magazine's "Award of Excellence"

Chosen Payments President and CEO, Jeff Brodsly was presented with an Award of Excellence at the recent International Limousine and Charter Tour Show held in Las Vegas, NV.  The award recognizes the ongoing contributions and leadership that Jeff and Chosen Payments provide to the chauffeured transportation industry. 
T he annual convention is hosted by LCT Magazine, an industry trade publication.  It was attended by approximately 3,000 people from 32 different countries.  In her announcement of the award, LCT Magazine Publisher, Sara Eastwood-Richardson said, "It's not our style to recognize vendors.  We don't have an awards program set up for that".  

Eastwood-Richardson said the exception was being made because of Brodsly's involvement with the National Limousine Association as well as state level associations within the industry.  Eastwood-Richardson acknowledged those efforts by saying, "He is everywhere.  He serves on boards, always writing checks, he gets more people to donate.  He's a highly energized guy and part of a movement".   Eastwood-Richardson described Brodsly as, "fun to be with, very supportive and active" and added that "everyone likes him."  In her closing remarks she read from the plaque, "Our industry success is attributed to the combined efforts of those whose commitment to excellence exceeds our expectations."

New Partnership With NHRA

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the National Hot Rod Association.   Chosen Payments has been named as the Preferred Credit Card Processor of NHRA,  "Chosen Payments has a large presence within the automotive industry, and NHRA being the largest association in the business it was a natural marriage for this partnership to come together," said Jeff Brodsly, CEO of Chosen Payments. "The value brought by both Chosen Payments and NHRA, is going to be a major win for all business owners associated with NHRA," said Richard Scalesse, partner of Chosen Payments

Chosen Payments will handle credit card processing at NHRA corporate headquarters, Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum and the four NHRA owned tracks.   "This business partnership will prove to be mutually beneficial to both parties," said Brad Gerber, NHRA vice president and chief development officer.  Headquartered in Glendora, Calif., NHRA is the primary sanctioning body for the sport of drag racing in the United States. NHRA presents 24 national events featuring the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series, NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series and NHRA J&A Service Pro Mod Drag Racing Series.

NHRA owns and operates four racing facilities: Atlanta Dragway in Georgia; Gainesville Raceway in Florida; Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis; and Auto Club Raceway at Pomona in Southern California. For more information, visit
Chosen Payments Team Spotlight 

Richard Scalesse - Partner - Chosen Payments Atlanta

Richard is a partner and President of the Atlanta based division of Chosen Payments - Atlanta (CPA).   In his position as the managing partner of the Atlanta office, Richard serves clients and develops strategic partnerships on a nationwide basis.  Since the inception of CPA in 2016, Richard has successfully created partnerships with the Oregon Auto Dealers Association (OADA), the National Hot Rod Association, TintPro, International Window Film Association and many others. 
These partnerships foster a relationship between the association members and Chosen Payments.  An example of this would be the numerous independent car dealerships in Oregon who process credit cards with Chosen Payments as a benefit of belonging to OADA.

Richard is engaged to Cortney Foster.  They have a 95 lb. black Labrador retriever as "their only child".  In his spare time, Richard enjoys collecting and restoring classic cars.  He is also a Novice Road Racer in the SCAA and NASA racing leagues.

Prior to joining Chosen Payments, Richard was the co-founder of Unique Squared and Ally Commerce.  When asked what he likes best about working with Chosen Payments, Richard says he loves the people, culture and product.
Merchant Education  

Five Tips To Prevent Chargebacks

Follow Protocols
Each credit card processor has unique protocols regarding how credit cards are accepted. For in-person purchases, verify the card's expiration date and enter the three-digit security code. For online purchases, additional information such as digital signature, social media profiles, IP address, and a second password are suggested. 
Use Descriptors 
Descriptors are your merchant's name, exact product description, and other pertinent information that appears on the cardholder's statement connecting the purchase to your company. If these are unclear, the cardholder may not recognize the purchase and thereby file a dispute.
Look For Indications Of Fraud
Take the time to learn indicators of fraud such as suspicious name, incorrect security code, mismatched billing and shipping addresses, missing information that the cardholder should know and so on.
Proper Training
Your employees need to be properly trained to identify fraud and prevent chargebacks pertaining to both in-person and online credit card transactions. They need to know how and when to call in a Code 10 "suspicious transaction" so the issuing bank can verify with the cardholder.
Strong Customer Service
Good customer service is critical for resolving chargebacks. Using notifications from the credit card processor, you can quickly identify a customer's dispute. As a result, the problem can be handled in a timely manner, allowing you to retain a good customer and avoid the chargeback through resolution.
Products & Services 

Chargeback Assistance

Receiving a chargeback notification can seem like an uphill battle against the giant credit card companies.  When we say, we are "Your Partner In Success" that means helping you achieve success in fighting a chargeback.  Upon learning of the chargeback, you may feel sick to your stomach.  You may feel that you have delivered product or services that cost you money that you will never get back. No one likes to be taken advantage of or ripped off.  Don't feel defeated. Assuming you have taken the correct steps to accept a credit card for a transaction, we can help you draft a compelling letter, help you gather all the documentation you need and present a clear and concise package stating your case.  You will never have to battle a situation like this alone.  The chance of winning the battle lies at the point of sale.  Make sure you take the following steps to avoid becoming a victim of a fraudulent sale or a chargeback caused by miscommunication:
  • Always get the customer signature on the transaction
  • Verify the identification of the person presenting the card
  • Verify the identification of the person receiving goods or services
  • Use the AVS system to verify the billing address matches
  • Retain all documentation of the order and confirmation
  • Save all email correspondence related to the transaction
  • Keep a log of contact dates regarding all disputed transactions

For chargeback assistance, contact our Marketing Manager.

Chosen Merchant Spotlight
Showcase Limousine - Boise, Idaho  

Showcase Limousines was born in the imagination of Christine Bennett at the age of six. Upon seeing a well-dressed business man exiting from a limousine, she knew that she would one day start her own limo service.  And, so she did.  Showcase Limousine is one of Idaho's largest and oldest transportation companies.  In 2000, Showcase was ready to expand and again, Christine chased her dreams and developed a network of affiliates providers in 520 cities in the United States.

Showcase runs a fleet of exotic limousines such as her hot pink Dodge Challenger and her super-stretched Hummer limos.  She also has traditional sedans, limousines and vans as well as charter buses seating up to 56 passengers and shuttle buses.  Big or small, Showcase Limousine can get the job done in Idaho including Sun Valley, Ketchum, Hailey and Jackson Hole, WY.

Showcase Limousine operates an executive transportation division specializing in the transportation of NBA players and big celebrities such as Neil Diamond who frequents the Boise area.  Chauffeurs are extensively trained to provide high-level security and service.  Showcase Limousine has another connection to Chosen Payments in addition to processing credit cards.  Our Marketing Manager, Jim Luff has been a consultant and mentor to Showcase since their inception.

Chosen Payments would like to thank Showcase Limousine for their continued business!  We value the relationship.  If you are a looking for a ground transportation company in the Idaho area, Showcase Limousine is ready to serve you. Click HERE to learn more about Showcase Limousine  or call Showcase at 208-938-1726.
Industry News - Ground Transportation

Our Clients Are Winners at The LCT Show!

Four Chosen Payments merchants were named Operator of the Year at the annual International LCT Show held in Las Vegas.  We applaud our valued clients on their achievements.  

Operator of the Year - Small Division (1 - 10 Vehicles)

Simon Chen
Eight Black Cars 
Longmont, CO

Operator of the Year - Medium Division (11 to 30 Vehicles)

Harry Dhillon
Ecko Transportation
San Jose, CA

Operator of the Year - Medium Division (31 to 50 Vehicles)

Anuj Patel & Arthur Rento
Pontarelli Companies
Chicago, IL

Operator of the Year - Large Division (51+ Vehicles)

Eric Devlin
Premier Transporation Dallas, TX

It's no coincidence that these winning operators are all clients of Chosen Payments.  As their  Partner In Success we relish the success of these operators who are obviously doing it right.  Winners associate with winners!

Chosen Payments Presents $2000 to MLOA


Chosen Payments presented a rebate check in the amount of $2003.78 to the Minority Limousine Operators Association during their annual membership meeting.  The meeting was held in conjunction with the International LCT Show in Las Vegas.  The check represents a rebate of profit earned by Chosen Payments by processing credit cards for the membership.  

Chosen Payments Presents $6100 to FLA

Chosen Payments also presented a rebate check in the amount of $6103.58 to the Florida Limousine Association during their annual membership meeting in Las Vegas. The check also represents a rebate of profit earned by Chosen Payments by processing credit cards for the FLA members.  Chosen Payments enjoys partnership relationships with numerous associations in many different industries. Rebate checks assist in helping to achieve the goals and missions of each individual association we partner with.  Chosen Payments enjoys partnership relationships with numerous associations in many different industries. Rebate checks assist in helping to achieve the goals and missions of each individual association we partner with.

For more information about partnerships, contact our Partnership Manager:  Sarah McKee. or call 

Chosen Payments Sponsored NLA General Meeting

We realize the great value of the National Limousine Association in representing the ground transportation with support, lobbying efforts, media campaigns and particularly the fight to level the playing field with TNC's.  Because of this, we invest thousands of dollars annually into the NLA for the benefit of the membership.  It was only fitting that we would sponsor the only general meeting of the year open to all members to keep help keep members abreast of the NLA activities.  For more information about the NLA click HERE.  To join the NLA click HERE.

Chosen Payments Sponsored B4 Business Networking

Chosen Payments Limo Team Ryan Gunches, Jim Luff, Katie Martinez, Derek Maxwell, CEO Jeff Brodsly and Steve Walsh.

The Chosen Payments Limo Team was out in full force to kick off the LCT Show. Chosen Payments Marketing Manager, Jim Luff was the host of this interactive networking session while the Chosen Payments team worked the room helping operators meet new operators in this speed-networking format. We also gave away two free passes to LCT East in a participation drawing.  The winners were Shawn Wilson and Ash Elmahdi. We always love mixing it up with members of the ground transportation industry and rolling up our sleeves to work an event.

Chosen Payments Assists Scammed Limo Operator

On March 8th, Chosen Payments was contacted by Deanna Gulino, owner of Gem Limousine Worldwide to report that someone had used various names and credit card numbers to fraudulently book services.  The orders were primarily for transportation between LAX and a residence in Los Angeles.

There were a several incidents with  combined losses of $4200. T he suspect used a mobile app to place orders directly into Gem's Santa Cruz software system.  Upon completion of the order, the credit card was declined each time.   Upon learning of the situation, Chosen Payments immediately contacted the LAX Police Department since the theft technically began and ended at LAX.

Chosen Payments advises operators to pre-authorize credit cards unless a client is established to avoid such losses.  Additionally, Chosen Payments would like to share information specifically for Los Angeles based operators who might find themselves in the same situation as Gem is no longer accepting these orders.

The suspect uses the following names: Aren Carter, Aren Green, Jason Friedman and Paul LeRoy.   The most frequent addresses for pick-ups and drops offs are: 6459 Rodgerton and 822 No. Formosa in Los Angeles.

Should any operator take an order that may be associated with this suspect, please contact Detective Michael Gentry with the LAX PD at (424)646-8351 or contact Jim Luff at Chosen Payments at 805-427-9180.
Industry News - Other

Chosen Payments is proud to be the first choice in credit card processing for the many different specialized industries.  We are happy to participate in events for all of our vertical specialties such as jewelry stores, funeral homes, housewares, optometrists, chiropractors, uniform & textile rentals as well as auto dealerships and non-profit groups. Specializing in a particular industry allows us to provide more focus and comprehensive service.
Brodsly Provides Management Training for Chiropractors

Last month, Chosen Payments CEO, Jeff Brodsly conducted an educational webinar for chiropractors. The webinar was hosted by ChiroSushi, one of our valued partners.  While chiropractors come out of school trained to adjust backs and limbs, they don't necessarily have the skill set to manage and grow their business.  Jeff spoke as our CEO about the challenges he faced when launching Chosen Payments and the strategies he used for rapidly growing his business through marketing, partnerships and networking.  ChiroSushi is comprised of more than 5,300 members.  Jeff will address this group again on May 5th at their annual conference in Las Vegas.  He will be speaking about the importance of a credit card processor and specifically encouraging chiropractors to use best collection methods of getting paid for treatments at the time service is rendered. Chosen Payments will also have a booth on the exhibit all floor.  For more information about ChiroSushi - click HERE.  For more information about the ChiroSushi Summit - click HERE.  To watch Jeff's complete interview, click HERE.

Chosen Payments Sponsor's CA Funeral Director Event

Chosen Payments will again participate in the California Funeral Directors Association annual Expo.  Chosen Payments is always happy to assist associations we serve in offsetting the cost of producing a quality trade show.  The money we contribute as a sponsor helps keep individual ticket prices down. Chosen Payments will again have a booth at the expo as well as sponsoring the first official dinner of the event, a Clambake.  We are looking forward to visiting with our many clients and friends in the funeral care industry of California.
See Us On The Road

Chosen Across The Nation

See Us In Las Vegas for ChiroSushi Summit
05/03 - 05/07
Chosen Payments CEO, Jeff Brodsly will be a speaker at this educational summit for chiropractors seeking to improve the management of their practice.  We will also have a booth on the expo floor.

See Us In Las Vegas for the Continental Buyers Group Trade Show & Conference
06/01 - 06/04
Chosen Payments is proud to participate in CBG's west coast Show and Conference for the jewelry industry.  We will have a booth and look forward to visiting our friends and clients.

See Us In Monterey at the California Funeral Directors Convention
06/11 - 06/13
Chosen Payments is proud to be a member of the CFDA and participate in the annual convention and expo.  This conference includes a golf tournament, a Chosen Payments sponsored clambake and a host of educational opportunities. We are happy to meet with our many funeral home clients visiting the show.
See Us In Napa at the Chauffeur Driven Magazine's Executive Retreat
06/25 - 06/28
Chosen Payments is proud to participate in CD's annual Executive Retreat.  This retreat for executive level members of the ground transportation industry provides an excellent educational forum for moving companies to the next level.  We are happy to share our experience.

See Us In West Palm Beach for the IWFA Conference
10/04 - 10/07
Chosen Payments will have a booth at the International Window Film Association Conference. We are happy to be spending time with our friends and clients in the window tinting business.  Chosen Payments is partnered with TintPro, the most popular management software in the tinting industry.

See Us In Orlando for the Chauffeur Driven Show & Conference
10/22 - 10/25
Chosen Payments will once again sponsor and participate in CD's Trade Show and Conference.  We will have a booth and host another Legendary Client Appreciation Party exclusively for Chosen Payments clients.

See Us In Nashville for the Uniform Retailers Association Show
10/30 - 11/01
Chosen Payments is proud to participate in the 11th annual URA Trade Show. This show is dedicated to uniform providers across America.  We will have a booth and look forward to visiting our friends and clients.

See Us In Atlantic City for the LCT East Show
11/05 - 11/07
Chosen Payments will again sponsor and participate in this ground transportation industry show dedicated to east coast issues of the industry. We will also have a booth and look forward to visiting our friends and clients in the transportation industry.
Rate Guarantee

Special Message From the CEO:
We offer every one of our clients a RATE GUARANTEE with Chosen Payments. This means that if you are ever offered a legitimate rate which is lower than that which Chosen has you on, we will either match it or give you $250 CASH and release you from any contract you may be in. This ensures that you are not only always going to stay competitively priced with Chosen, but protects you from switching to a new provider over a bait and switch sales tactic by allowing Chosen to verify the validity of the quote. If you ever are considering switching from Chosen Payments take this RATE GUARANTEE CERTIFICATE seriously. Present this certificate to us and let us be the partner you have trusted for years! To access the certificate, please  CLICK HERE.   

Thank you for your business and loyalty! 


Thank you for your continued business and support.  Have a great rest of the month and we will see you again next month!



The Chosen Payments Team



5401 Tech Circle

Moorpark, California 93021
Chosen Payments

855.4.CHOSEN (424-6736)


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