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Chris Ardinger         
Chris Ardinger 
Executive Director 

2017 Event Dates
Be sure to put these dates on your calendar and make plans to join us!

October 25 - 27, 2017
PACP Chamber Professionals & Leadership Conference
Clarion, PA 

How long have you been in the Chamber profession
6 years
How long have you been in your current position
2 years
What do you love most about your job
I love the people. As a rural chamber, in a close-knit community, I am privileged to work with a great group of business professionals and community leaders. Jokingly, I embrace the title of "Chief Facilitator" in my role; it is rewarding to be able to connect our members with the right people and organizations to help them grow.
Aside from colleagues at your Chamber, which Chamber Executive has had the biggest impact on your career and how?
Without a doubt, my predecessor, Mary-Anne Gordon; as a senior in high school, I started getting involved with our local Chamber and others across Franklin County. She was an inspiration and mentor for me, and was part of the reason that I wanted to become more involved with the Chamber. Fast forward a few years, I am honored to lead our Chamber today.

What is your Chamber's signature event
This depends. Our two largest events take place on the same day, the Mercersburg Townfest and Mercersburg Beer & Wine Festival. These events bring in close to 10,000 people into our community, and help to promote our local merchants. That being said, our Annual Awards Dinner is equally important, as we recognize the achievements and contributions of our members.
What is your favorite destination outside of the one you represent and why?
I can't just pick one, I love our Commonwealth. It would be a toss-up between the Cranberry Township area, Hershey, and Gettysburg. Hershey and Gettysburg offer their own history, quaintness, and attractions; both have great local restaurants and pubs. Cranberry Township is an up and coming area with a lot going on; I once looked at relocating there.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up
At one point I wanted to be a firefighter, then a Judge. In high school I was torn, I liked non-profit work, but also politics. I decided to blend the two and study public administration and get into Chamber work; it really is a great blend for me.
Why is PACP important to you?
Being relatively new in my role, it is a great opportunity to learn from others and see what other Chamber executives are doing to better their Chambers and communities. I greatly enjoyed the conference last year.
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