Chris Griscom Global Initiative Message 6/10/16

Dear Global Initiative Friends,

I hope to inspire your participation and sharing of our Global Warming Initiative with the observance that "we heal ourselves when we heal the planet, and when we heal the planet we heal ourselves."  Not only is it time for us to practice healing ourselves through our conscious focus, but it is also time to help rebalance and heal the planet in the same way.  We can learn to use our minds to create, manifest and imbue matter with consciousness. "Mind into matter, and mind within matter."

People everywhere are experiencing vague discomfort and diffuse symptoms of imbalance that are not explained by prevailing medical knowledge, but certainly may be as a result of an increasingly toxic environment.  CO2, for example, has many negative effects on our physical bodies including sweating, reduced hearing, tremors, headaches, dizziness, confusion, shortness of breath, and increased blood pressure.

Take a look at your internal environment to see if you are carrying excess CO2 stores in your body that may be contributing to a lack of well being.  It is easy to discover:  Place your consciousness in a meditative state by closing your eyes and breathing deeply.  Simply ask your body if it is holding excess CO2.  It may be in your blood stream, lungs, or other places.  It is not necessary to know where, but it is helpful for your focus.  Then, ask your body what color it needs to dissolve it out of you.  The color helps your mind to release the CO2.  Imagine the color flowing through your body and de-manifesting the CO2.  By placing your intention and mental focus on your internal environment, you will be shifting the balance of energies within your body and supporting your health.

As we begin practicing the ability to de-manifest excess CO2 from our internal, personal atmosphere, as well as that of our planet, it will be interesting to become aware of our newly improved physical well-being. The hologram of interconnecting material and non-material realities is almost infinite, i.e., the potential of thought/mind to influence and penetrate even the unseen worlds that interface with the limited realities we experience at this moment.

With Great Respect and Love,

Chris Griscom