Chris Griscom Global Initiative Message 6/26/16

Dear Global Initiative Friends,

It is of immediate and pressing importance that we begin this project in-full as soon as possible.  Please, all of you, continue to enlist those around you to join this initiative as we move from the warming up stage to the actual project, effecting the powerful change we are seeking for our atmosphere and our planet.

Our internal and external environments are in a state of violent disruption, calling upon us to seek potential solutions and probable avenues for change that bring us from a place of helpless bystanders to committed participants.  Our Global Warming Initiative, in particular, provides us with a focus that begins with caring for our physical environment and leads us directly into the powerful experience of our potential as conscious beings within the construct of our inner realities, as well as the world around us.
In this past week alone, nature has wreaked havoc through devastating tornadoes in China, floods and wildfires in the U.S., drought and record temperatures around the world.  We can answer this mayhem by viewing each situation from the perspective of re-balance.  For example, where there is too heavy rainfall, we can entreat the power of the sun; where there is drought, we can envision rain, where there is excess wind, we can still the air.  It is time to practice these mental gifts we all share as humans.
As we all know, it is proven in quantum physics that " the observer changes the observed."  You do not need to believe it possible, you must simply focus your mind and hold the desired effect.  Imagine the rain, or the sun at any particular place that needs that energy, and see it in your mind's eye--you will be extending a powerful imprint there that will change the situation.  Remember, the rain wants to rain, the sun wants to shine, and we humans truly want to help!
These feats have been done for eons of time by sentient beings, separate from the masses of humanity; now it is time for all of us to attune our innate capacities of manifestation to discover that together we can contribute to a more gentle and harmonic world.

With Great Respect and Love,
Chris Griscom