Chris Griscom
Message 4-17-20
Dear Eco SOS Friends,

This is the perfect moment to see how the changes we have made in our daily lives due to the global pandemic have affected the global environment, and how quickly Mother Nature has responded! We can imprint the images of blue skies, clean air and the clearing of Earth's waters into our ongoing experience of our planet. We can renew our conscious focus to give the help that is needed to go onward to a healthier world--now that we truly know how to make it happen.

The power of our conscious intention can make a difference! As we have done in the 'Blue Sky Challenge,' and our other Global Initiatives, we simply gather up the toxins and negative energies into a concentrated ball and cast them into the unmanifest.

This can also be applied to the coronavirus as well. Imagine all the coronaviruses as if they were dust and you are sucking them into a vacuum that deposits them into the de-materialized void. There is so much we can accomplish with our consciousness that will not only answer to the current global crisis, but that will give a new sense of purpose to our lives.

We, at Human-Nature Alliance: Eco SOS, send you our Gratitude, Respect and Great Love,
Chris Griscom
Above are 2 videos by Chris: Her initial Global Initiative activation video, where she describes how to remove toxins from the atmosphere with Consciousness; and a recent video by Chris showing how to send support from a distance--to family, friends & all Humanity.
Thank you to all of you for helping our World!

The Conscious Solutions Staff

As always, please feel free to pass on any videos or messages you receive from Eco SOS.